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  2. large artery arteritis
    Giant cell (temporal) arteritis and takayasu dz
  3. medium artery arteritis
    PAN and kawasaki
  4. pericarditis typical of uremia w/ renal failure, acute rheumatic carditis, MI. Adhesions common. Bread and butter (viral cause)
    fibrinous pericarditis
  5. Elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) for diagnosis. Take out 2-3cm of artery for biopsy. granulomatous formation
    Giant cell (temporal) arteritis
  6. Adhesions common. Bread and butter pericarditis. Friction rub to diagnose. More serious, more lethal pericarditis
    fibrinous pericarditis
  7. Uremic pericarditis: Pts w/ azotemia [elevated BUN (blood urea nitrogen)]. Even patients on dialysis can develop it
    fibrinous pericarditis
  8. hemorrhagic pericarditis
    mainly caused by cancer metastasis to heart
  9. Myxoma has a lot of
    hyaluronic acid content
  10. miniature version of PAN
    p-ANCA microscopic arteritis
  11. greatest propensity to metastasize to heart
  12. necrotizing vasculitis
    PAN and kawasaki
  13. Churg-Strauss syndrome
    allergic granulomatosis and angiitis assoc w/ asthma, small sized arteries
  14. tree bark appearance of ascending aorta
    syphilic aortitis
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    mural thrombus
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    metastatic melanoma
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    fibrinoid necrosis
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