1. Fowler's Position
    • Rationale: low fowlers or semi fowlers the head and the trunk are raised 15 - 45 degrees; high fowlers position the head and the trunk are raised 60-90 degrees. Position of choice for ppl who have difficulty breathing and for some ppl with heart problems. Pillow behind head, lower back, and lower legs, avoid foot drop
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  2. Orthopneic Position
    The client sits in bed or on side of bed with an overbed table across the lap. This position facilitates respiration by allowing maximum chest expansion. It is particulary helpful to clients who have problems exhaling, bc they can press the lower part of the chest against the edge of the overbed table. Pillow behind back and on table
  3. Dorsal recumbent position
    head and shoulders are slightly elevated on a small pillow. Arms may be elevated or at pt's side. Provide comfort ad to facilitate healing following certain surgeries or anesthetics. Pillow under head/shoulders, and lower legs, avoid foot drop
  4. Prone Position
    the client lies on the abdomen with the head turned to oe side. with one or both arms flexed over their heads. allows full extension of the hip and knee joints. Helps to prevent flexion contractures of the hips and knees. Promotes drainage from the mouth and is esp useful for unconscious clients or those recovering from surgery. Pillow under head, abd, and lower legs
  5. Lateral Position
    the person lies on one side of the body. good for restig and sleeping clients. helps to relieve pressure on the sacru and heels in peio;e who sit for much of the day or who are confined to bed and rest in Fower's or dorsal recumbent positons much of the time. Pillow under head, bt elbow (prevent pressure sores), bt knees (prevent pressure sores)
  6. Sim's Position
    client assumes a poture halfway between the lateral and the prone positions. the lower arm is positioed behind client and the upper arm is flexed at the shoulder and the elbow, both legs are flexed in front of the client. unconscious clients bc it facilitates drainage from the mouth and prevents aspirations of fluids. (Pregnant women) Pillow under head, under front arm, bt knees, avoid foot drop
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