Intro TO Tech Quiz 2- Sound

  1. a vibration that propagates as typically audible mechanical wave of pressure and displacement, through a medium such as air or water
    the reception of such waves and their perception by the brain
  2. science that deals with the study of mechanical waves in gases, liquids and solids including vibration, sound, infrasound and ultrasound
  3. an _____ should be involved with the design of a theatre so people are able to hear
    acoustical engineer
  4. an _______ is involved with the recording, manipulation, mixing and reproduction of sound
    audio engineer
  5. what is the speed of sound affected by?
    • materials
    • temperature
    • density
    • altitude
  6. what happens when were hear sound?
    • drum is struck
    • compression wave is generated
    • travels until it hits receptor- the ear
    • neurological impulse sent to the brain
  7. rate at which an object vibrates
    measured in cycles per second
    measured in hertz
    humans hear between 20 and 20,000 Hertz
  8. tone produced by a vibrating body
    the more vibrations or cycles per second the higher it is
  9. measurable quality of the power of sound
    expressed in decibels
  10. a person's perception of sound intensity
  11. ratio comparing two sound levels
    measurement of the sound waves in the air
    hurt your hearing
    measurement of the electronic signals that represent sound waves
  12. originally conceived as 1/10th of a Bell (first unit for sound pressure)
    • decibel
    • deci-bell
  13. time it takes a sound to become inaudible
    decay time
  14. creation of the 'aural environment' and the audience can hear
    sound design
  15. who is on the sound team
    • sound designer
    • a1- production sound engineer
    • a2- mic technician
    • head sound engineer
  16. provide designs for
    prerecorded music
    sound effects
    reinforcement of live voices, musical instruments and sound elements
    creates drawings for sound related elements
    chooses audio technology that will be used in the show
    set sound cues
    the sound designer
  17. runs the sound console during the production
    mixes all the electronic sound elements into a perfect blend
    a1- production sound engineers
  18. handles all sound issues backstage
    places mics, sets up mics, troubleshoots
    might also sub-mix the orchestra
    a2- mic technician
  19. supervises the sound crew who installs the sound system
    ensures the systems are functioning properly as designed
    head sound engineer
  20. music
    pre-show, post-show
    sound scoring
  21. include all electrical sound effects that the designer is responsible for creating, mixing, finding, etc
    sound fx
  22. acquiring the music and sound effects
    setting levels
    writing cues with the design team
    scoring tasks
  23. blending of aural images into an overall element
    composing all the music and sound FX
    blending the proper pitch, frequency, rhythm, tempo and loudness
    sound scape
  24. "use of the sound system to amplify and process the voices of the actors, singers, orchestra, prerecorded music and sound effects"
    sound reinforcement
  25. the audience should be unaware that a sound system is being used
  26. two tasks of reinforcement
    • balance the loudness of the vocals, orchestra, and scored sound so the actor can always be heard
    • strengthen the vocals of a weaker actor
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