French Verb Conjugations - Futur Simple x 78

  1. je serai
    I will be
  2. tu seras
    you (sing.) will be
  3. il/elle sera
    he/she will be
  4. nous serons
    we will be
  5. vous serez
    you (pl./form.) will be
  6. ils seront
    they will be
  7. j’aurai
    I will have
  8. tu auras
    you (sing.) will have
  9. il/elle aura
    he/she will have
  10. nous aurons
    we will have
  11. vous aurez
    you (pl./form.) will have
  12. ils auront
    they will have
  13. j’aimerai
    I will like
  14. tu aimeras
    you (sing.) will like
  15. il/elle aimera
    he/she will like
  16. nous aimerons
    we will like
  17. vous aimerez
    you (pl./form.) will like
  18. ils aimeront
    they will like
  19. je finirai
    I will finish
  20. tu finiras
    you (sing.) will finish
  21. il/elle finira
    he/she will finish
  22. nous finirons
    we will finish
  23. vous finirez
    you (pl./form.) will finish
  24. ils finiront
    they will finish
  25. j’irai
    I will go
  26. tu iras
    you (sing.) will go
  27. il/elle ira
    he/she will go
  28. nous iront
    we will go
  29. vous irez
    you (pl./form.) will go
  30. ils iront
    they will go
  31. je dirai
    I will say
  32. tu diras
    you (sing.) will say
  33. il/elle dira
    he/she will say
  34. nous dirons
    we will say
  35. vous direz
    you (pl./form.) will say
  36. ils diront
    they will say
  37. je ferai
    I will do
  38. tu feras
    you (sing.) will do
  39. il/elle fera
    he/she will do
  40. nous ferons
    we will do
  41. vous ferez
    you (pl./form.) will do
  42. ils feront
    they will do
  43. je partirai
    I will depart
  44. tu partiras
    you (sing.) will depart
  45. il/elle partira
    he/she will depart
  46. nous partirons
    we will depart
  47. vous partirez
    you (pl./form.) will depart
  48. ils partiront
    they will depart
  49. je pourrai
    I will be able
  50. tu pourras
    you (sing.) will be able
  51. il/elle pourra
    he/she will be able
  52. nous pourrons
    we will be able
  53. vous pourrez
    you (pl./form.) will be able
  54. ils pourront
    they will be able
  55. je prendrai
    I will take
  56. tu prendras
    you (sing.) will take
  57. il/elle prendra
    he/she will take
  58. nous prendrons
    we will take
  59. vous prendrez
    you (pl./form.) will take
  60. ils prendront
    they will take
  61. je viendrai
    I will come
  62. tu viendras
    you (sing.) will come
  63. il/elle viendra
    he/she will come
  64. nous viendrons
    we will come
  65. vous viendrez
    you (pl./form.) will come
  66. ils viendront
    they will come
  67. je verrai
    I will see
  68. tu verras
    you (sing.) will see
  69. il/elle verra
    he/she will see
  70. nous verrons
    we will see
  71. vous verrez
    you (pl./form.) will see
  72. ils verront
    they will see
  73. je voudrai
    I will want
  74. tu voudras
    you (sing.) will want
  75. il/elle voudra
    he/she will want
  76. nous voudrons
    we will want
  77. vous voudrez
    you (pl./form.) will want
  78. ils voudront
    they will want
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French Verb Conjugations - Futur Simple x 78
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