Spanish Regulares Verbos

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  1. Aprender
    to learn
  2. Barrer
    to sweep
  3. Beber
    to drink
  4. Comer
    to eat
  5. Comprender
    to understand
  6. Correr
    to run
  7. Coser
    to sew
  8. Deber
    to owe, tohave to
  9. Depender
    to depend
  10. Esconder
    to hide
  11. Leer
    to read
  12. Meter
    to put in
  13. Releer
    to reread
  14. Responder
    to answer, to respond
  15. Retroceder
    to go back, return, regress; flinch
  16. Romper
    to break
  17. Sorprender
    to surprise
  18. Tejer
    to knit
  19. Temer
    to fear
  20. Vender
    to sell
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