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  1. Body : b/l edema
  2. Body : pitting edema; body edema; moon face
    pro-energy, thiamine (also some meds, esp steroids)
  3. Body : Body edema , round swollen moon face
    Protein, thiamine
  4. Eyes : papilledema (edema of optic disk)
    **vit A excess
  5. Eyes : pallor of everted eyelid
    Fe, Folic H+, b12, B6, Cu
  6. Eyes : Ring of fine blood bessels around cornea
    General poor nutrition
  7. Eyes : Xanthelesma (small yellowish lumps around eyes), circumferential arcus (white rings around iris in b/l eyes)
    Hyperlipidemia (circumferential arcus may be nl in adults >45)
  8. Eyes : Angular palpebritis (redness/fissuring of eyelids, red and inflamed conjunctiva, swollen eyelids
    Niacin, riboflavin, Fe, B6
  9. Eyes : Scleral icterus – yellow eye (jaundice), mild
  10. Eyes : Angular Blepharitis
    Riboflavin, biotin, B6, Zn
  11. Eyes : corneal vascularization
    riboflavin, other B complex
  12. Eyes : ophthalmoplegia (paralysis of eye)
    Thiamin, Phosphorus may also be seen in rickets. (no nutritional differential: brain lesions, graves dx, stroke)
  13. Eyes : Dull/soft cornea, dry conjunctiva; Bitot's spots (white or grey on conjunctiva), night blindness
    vitamin A
  14. Gastrointestinal : Anorexia, flatulence, diarrhea
    B12, B6
  15. Hair - Body : broken, coiled, unmerged swan neck hairs, perifollicular hemorrhages, follicular hyperkeratosis (also, see skin)
    vit A and C
  16. Hair- Head : Alopecia (thin, sparse, patch)
    Fe, Zc, Biotin, Protein (non-nutrition: aging, chemo/rad to the head, stress hormonal changes, endo d/o, meds)
  17. Hair- Head : easily and painessly pluckable
    pro-energy, Zc
  18. Hair- Head : Color changes, lacklustre. transverse depigmentation/flag sign(hair becomes red in Blacks; bleached in Caucasians)
    Protein, malnutrition, EFAD (non nut) over processing/bleaching)
  19. Head : Skin color loss, dark cheeks and under yes, scaling of skin around nostrils
    Pro-energy, niacin, riboflavin, B6
  20. Head : Shrunken anterior fontanelle
  21. Head : Pallor of skin on face
    Fe, B12, folate, Vitamin C
  22. Head : Enlarged parotid gland
    Pro deficiency, bulimia (non nutr: mumps, cirrhosis, sjorgens syndrome)
  23. Head : Bulging anterior fontanelle
    Vitamin A excess
  24. Head : Anterior fontanelle not closed (average 14 months, wide variation
    Vitamin D
  25. Lips and Mucous Membranes : Angular stomatitis/cheliosis (angular scars, cheilosis/vertical fissuring later complicated by redness)
    Riboflavin, niacin, Fe, B6, B12 deficiencies, vitamin A toxicity
  26. Lips and Mucous Membranes : swelling and ulceration. Soreness, burning, pale lips
    excess salivation due to ill-fitting dentures)
  27. Lips and Mucous Membranes : pallor of the lips ad mucous membranes
  28. Lips and Mucous Membranes : vertical fissuring
  29. Lips and Mucous Membranes : inflammation, loss of clear demarcation at mucoutaneous border,
    Riboflavin (also caused by
  30. Muscular : muscle pain
    Biotin, vit D
  31. Muscular : peripheral neuropathy , tingling, pins and needles
    Folate, B6, pantothenic acid, phos, thiamine, B12 deficiencies, B6 toxicity
  32. Muscular : muscle twitching, convulsions, tetany
    Mag or B6 excesses or deficiency, Ca2+, vit D or mag deficiency
  33. Muscular : weakness
    Phos, K+, Vit C, Vit D, B6
  34. Muscular : wasted appearance
  35. Muscular : calf tenderness, absent deep tendon reflexes, flaccid muscles, foot/wrist drop
  36. Nail : Capillary refill time > 2 seconds
  37. Nails : black pigment (diffuse or vertical streak)
    B12 (resolves w/ tx)
  38. Nails : Central ridges
    Fe, folate, protein (severa arterial dz)
  39. Nails : pale, spoon shaped (koilonychia), ridging, brittle, easily broken, thin
    Fe, protein (normal if on toenails only, also caused by hypothyroidism, raynauds)
  40. Nails : Muehrcke’s lines (transverse white line
    Malnutrition, hypoalbuminemia (chornic liver/renal dz, trauma)
  41. Nails : Schamroth sign (clubbing)
    poss Fe
  42. Nails : splinter-type hemorrhages in nail bed, under nail plate
    vit C (or endocarditis, vascular dz)
  43. Nails : Beaus lines (transverse ridges, horizontal grooves)
    Z, pro, hypocalcmiac
  44. Neck : Thyroid enlargement/goiter
  45. Nervous System : peripheral neuropathy with weakness and paraesthesia, ataxia and decreased tendon reflexes, fine tactile vibrator and position sense
    B12, thiamine deficiency (Wernicke’s encephalopathy), Cu, B6
  46. Nervous System : seizures/tetany, memory impairment, behavioural disturbances
    Ca2+, Mag, zinc, vit D
  47. Nervous System : increased weakness, impaired cognitive fx, irritability, anorexia
    Folate, B12
  48. Nervous System : dementia
    Niacin, B12 deficiency, hypercalcemia, aluminium toxicity
  49. Nervous System : listlessness
  50. Nervous System : inability to concentrate, defective memory, confabulation, disorientation
    Thiamine deficiency (korsakoffs psychosis), B12
  51. Nose : nasolabial seborrhea (greasiness)
  52. Nose : nasolabial dyssebacea (exfoliation, inflammation, excess oil production, fissuring of sebaceous glands which are most and red--may see at angles of eyes, ears, other sites)
  53. Nose hyposmia (decr sense of smell)
  54. Skeletal demineralization of bone
    Ca2+, phos, Vit D deficiencies or excessive vitamin A
  55. Skeletal : malar, temporal, somatic wasting;loss of subcutaneous muscle and/or fat
  56. Skeletal : epiphyseal enlargement of wrist, legs and knees, bowed legs, rickets or osteomalacia, frontal bossing (prominent forehead)
    Vit D
  57. Skeletal : bone tenderness/pain
    Vit D
  58. Skin : Purpura ( Purple colored patches on the skin and in mucous membranes including in mouth)
    Vit C, Vit K, excessive vit E
  59. Skin : yellow pigmentation sparing sclerae
    **carotene excess
  60. Skin : slate gray/hemochromatosis
    **Fe excess
  61. Skin : dry, rough, sandpaper like withscaling, poss w/ headache complaint, diplopia, dizziness
    **vit A excess
  62. Skin : sunburn-like erythematous eruption
    **vit A excess
  63. Skin : lemon yellow pigment
  64. Skin : Yellow(lemon yellow) pigmentation
    B12 deficiency
  65. Skin : Psoriasis
  66. Skin : Seborrheic dermatitis (scaliness, waxy, oiliness, crusty plaques on scalp, lips, nasolabial folds)
    Biotin, b6, zinc, riboflavin, efad, Vit excess or deficiency
  67. Skin : Yellow-orange pigementation
    Excessive beta carotene
  68. Skin : Cutaneous flushing
  69. Skin : inflammation of mucocutaneous junctions
  70. Skin : pigmentation and dry scaling when exposed to sunlight/sunburn appearance with erythema, blisters, peeling; necklace of Casals" in neckline exposed to sun
    Niacin (non-nutr: AED meds)
  71. Skin : Pellagra - thick and inelastic, dry and scaly where exposed to sun)
    Niacin, tryptophan, B6
  72. Skin : Acanthosis nigricans (velvety hyperpigmentation in body folds)
    Obesity, insulin resistance (hypothyroidism,)
  73. Skin : scaliness--becoming "crackled"
    possibly biotin
  74. Skin : flaky paint dermatosis
  75. Skin : flaky paint dermatosis
  76. Skin : hyperpigmentation
    pro-energy, folic H+, B12
  77. Skin : Lack of fat under skin, cellophane appearance (thin and inelastic)
    Pro-energy, Vit C
  78. Skin : seborrheic inflammation w/ fine scaling, itching--involving face and areas of friction betw 2 body parts
    pyridoxine, possibly other B complex
  79. Skin : Eczema
    Riboflavin, Zinc
  80. Skin : exfoliative dermatitis
    vit A, C, folic H+, Zn, pro
  81. Skin : Xerosis (abn dryness)
    Vit A, EFAD
  82. Skin : perifollicular hemorrhages
    Vit C
  83. Skin : Petechiae (purple/red spots d/t bleeding under the skin)
    Vit C, K (non nutr: severe fever)
  84. Skin : Follicular hyperkeratosis (goose flesh)
    vit C, poss vit A
  85. Skin : decubitus ulcers, delayed wound healing
    vit C, Zn, pro, poss linoleic acid
  86. Skin : reduced turgor, inelastic, "tenting"
    water, fluids
  87. Skin : Slow wound healing, decubitous ulcers
    Zinc, Vit C, pro, malnutrition, inadequate hydration
  88. Teeth : pitting and mottling, gray brown spots
    fluoride excess
  89. Teeth : Missing teeth or erupting abnormally
    General poor nutrition
  90. Teeth : edentulous
  91. Teeth : malpositioned, hypoplastic line across primary upper incisors, which becomes filled w/ yellow-brown pigment: caries then occur and tooth may break
  92. Teeth : caries
    pro-energy, Vit D, B6, fluoride. Excessive sugar
  93. Tongue : Pale tongue
    B12, folate, Fe
  94. Tongue : pallor and patchy atrophy resembling geographic tongue, reddened tip
  95. Tongue : filiform papillary atrophy (pale, atrophic, smooth, slick)
    Fe, Folic H+, B12, niacin, other B complex factors
  96. Tongue : Sore, swollen, scarlet raw-beefy red tongue, surface may be partially to completely bald
    Folate, niacin, B12
  97. Tongue : lobulated w/ atrophy
    folic H+
  98. Tongue : apthous-like ulcers on dorsum or under surface; healing leaves depapillated area
    Folic H+, poss B12
  99. Tongue : fissuring, edema
  100. Tongue : scarlet, raw, painful w/ atrophy
    niacin, folic H+, possibly B12, and other B complex
  101. Tongue : scalding sensation succeeded by reddening and hypertrophy of filiform papillae
  102. Tongue : Sorness, burning tongeue, purplish/magenta
  103. Tongue : Glossitis (sore, swollen, red and smooth tongue)
    Riboflavin, niacin, B6, B12, folate, severe Fe deficiency (non nutr: chron’s, uremia, infection, malignancy, anticancer tx, trauma)
  104. Tongue : pebbly or granular dorsum; erythematous, purplish red/magenta
    riboflavin, poss biotin
  105. Tongue : Hypoguesia/dysguesia
    Zc (also meds like antineoplastic agents/sulfonylureas)
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