mental health

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  1. What are the 5 cognitive domains that the MMSE tests and what is done for each of them?
    • MMSE:
    • orientation (date, day, month, place)
    • memory encoding (learn and recall 3 things)
    • attention and calculation (count back 7s, WORLD backwards)
    • language (naming, sentence repetition, comprehension)
    • visuo-construction (copy the overlapping figures)
    • Performance out of 30:
    • mild = 21-26
    • mild to mod = 15-20
    • mod = 10-14
    • severe= <10
    • To overcome limitations of MMSE perform:
    • - clock drawing
    • - verbal fluency
    • - similarities/proverbs
  2. In a comparison of a normal aged brain and an Alzheimers patients brain what are the three signs of alzheimers (on a slice)?
    • -extreme shrinkage of cerebral cortex
    • -extreme shrinkage of hippocampus
    • -sevely enlarged ventricles
  3. What are the symptoms of alzheimers?
    • Alzheimers: most common form of dementia. degenerative disease.
    • early stage - inability to acquire new memories.
    • as progresses - confusion, irritability and aggression, mood swings, language breakdown, long-term membory loss, general withdrawal
    • gradually - bodily functions are lost, leading to death.
  4. What is the cause and progression of Alzheimers?
    • - not well understood
    • - research indicates assoc w plaques and tangles in the brain
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