Perio Chp 27

  1. What are relative conditions for periodontal surgery and name some systemic
    conditions that may make periodontal surgery inadvisable for some patients

    • Uncontrolled hypertension
    • recent heart attack
    • uncontrolled diabetes
    • bleeding disorders
    • kidney dialysis
    • history of radiation to the jaw
    • HIV infection
  2. What are the four basic types of wound healing
    • Repair
    • Reattachment
    • New Attachment
    • Regeneration
  3. Describe healing by repair
    • healing of a wound by formation of tissues that do not precisely restore the original architecture or original function of the body part
    • Ex. Healing after periodontal instrumentation results in a long junctional epithelium

    • No new bone
    • No new cementum
    • No new periodontal ligament
  4. Describe healing by reattachment
    Reattachment is healing by the reunion of the periodontal connective tissue and the root of the tooth where the two tissues have been separated by incision or injury, but not by disease
  5. Describe healing by new attachment
    New attachment occurs when epithelium and connective tissue reattach to the root of a tooth where periodontitis had previously destroyed the attachment
  6. Describe healing by regeneration
    Replacement of lost cementum, PDL and bone
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