PLC chapter 12

  1. In an SFC program, the portion of the code showing the major process steps
    main sequence
  2. user-written and compiled code, that is encapsulated as a reusable instruction
    function blocks
  3. in an SPC program, with multiple sequences, any sequence describing control of individual parts of the process
    subordinate sequence
  4. a graphic control logic representation that uses standard Boolean logic symbols AND, OR, and NOT
    logic gate diagrams
  5. PLC text language, based on Boolean logic operators, AND, OR, and NOT and sometimes called statement List, is also known as
    Instruction list
  6. according to IEC-1131-3, any language used to describe and depict the process overview
    primary design language
  7. SFC program element, depicted as a box and defines event-, or time-dependent actions representing each phase of a process
  8. a logic event or condition, that signals when one step should be de-activated and the next activated
  9. an SFC element that connects steps and defines the path of program flow from one step to the next
    directed link
  10. PLC graphic language, based on logic operators AND, OR, and NOT
    Boolean gate flowchart
  11. SFC symbol, and first operation of a sequential function chart program
    initial step
  12. high-level graphic design language, primarily intended for regulatory control applications
    function block diagrams
  13. SFC directed link, in which one of several paths is taken, depending on which transition occurs first
    • alternate branching
    • selective branching
  14. SFC directed link, in which several paths are taken at the same time after the transition occurs
    • concurrent branching
    • simultaneous branching
  15. another name for selective branching
    alternate branching
  16. a process overview design language, that allows a machine or process to be represented as a series of steps and transitions
    sequential function chart
  17. an SFC program element that directs program control to a specific step
    reference link
  18. another name for concurrent branching
    simultaneous branching
  19. another name for statement list, and an IEC-1131-3 text language
    instruction list
  20. international standard, defining PLC primary and secondary programming languages
    IEC 1131-3
  21. IEC-1131-3 name for the languages used to program control logic of each process step(eg ladder)
    secondary languages
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