that's english modulo 7 unit 2

  1. realizar investigaciones
    llevar a cabo investigaciones
    • carry out research
    • do research

    i need to do more research so that I can come to a conclusion
  2. obtener una injusta ventaja
    gain/ɡeɪn/ an unfair advantage
  3. llegar a una conclusion
    to come to a conclusion
  4. realizar pruebas
    to carry out trial

    carrying out some more trials in order to come to a conclusion
  5. comprobar los resultados
    • to check the results
    • check our results
  6. que esperas obtener con ello?
    What do you want to gain by it?
  7. tomar drogas para potenciar su rendimiento
    to take drugs in order to boost their performance
  8. ver los efectos de las drogas
    to see the the effects of the drug
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that's english modulo 7 unit 2
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