MAT Vocab D2

  1. disdain
    to regard with scorn and contempt

    spurn, slight
  2. disheveled
    untidy, disarranged, unkempt 

    disordered, messy, rumpled
  3. disinterested
    fair minded, unbiased 

    impartial, evenhanded, unprejudiced, dispassionate
  4. disparage
    to belittle, speak disrespectfully of 

    denigrate, derogate, ridicule, deride
  5. disparity
    contrast, dissimilarity 

    discrepancy, contradiction, divergence, incongruity, incompatibility
  6. dispassionate
    free from emotion; impartial, unbiased 

    impassive, stolid; disinterested, evenhanded, unprejudiced
  7. dispel
    to drive out or scatter

    disband, disperse
  8. disperse
    to break up, scatter

    dissipate, disintegrate, dispel
  9. Disrepute
    disgrace, dishonor 

    ignominy, infamy
  10. dissemble
    to pretend, disguise one's motives 

    feign, conceal, cloak, camouflage
  11. disseminate
    to spread far and wide 

    circulate, diffuse, disperse.
  12. dissipate
    to scatter; to pursue pleasure to excess 

    squander, disperse, consume, dissolve, carouse
  13. dissonant
    harsh and unpleasant sounding 

    discordant, inharmonious
  14. dissuade
    to persuade someone to alter original intentions 

    discourage, deter
  15. diurnal

    daylight, daytime
  16. dogged
    stubbornly persevering 

    tenacious, obstinate, pertinacious
  17. dogmatic
    rigidly fixed in opinion, opinionated 

    inflexible, dictatorial, doctrinaire, authoritative, obstinate
  18. doleful
    sad, mournful 

    funereal, somber, lugubrious, dismal, woeful
  19. dour
    sullen and gloomy, stern and severe

    austere, strict, grave, solemn, somber
  20. dowry
    money or property given by a bride to her husband 

    dower, hope, chest
  21. draw
    pull, drag, attract

    haul, tow, tug, lure, entice
  22. droll
    amusing in a wry, subtle way

    witty, comic, funny, entertaining, risible
  23. dulcet
    pleasant sounding, soothing to the ear

    melodious, agreeable, sweet, harmonious
  24. dupe (v.)
    to deceive, trick; (n.) fool, pawn 

    hoodwink, cozen, beguile, gull
  25. duplicity
    deception, dishonesty 

    perfidy, infidelity, disloyalty, treachery, guile
  26. dyspeptic
    suffering from indigestion; gloomy and irritable 

    morose, solemn, melancholy, sour, acerb
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