PLC Chapter 11

  1. Another name for the examine-ON ladder instruction
    normally-open contact
  2. basic timer interval used by software timers, and that determines the solution of the timer
    time base
  3. in a ladder program, the basic control logic sequence used to drive an output or some other operation
    logic continuity
  4. the imaginary flow of electrons through programmed contacts of a ladder rung
    power flow
  5. ladder language fill-in0the-blanks instruction format used to perfrom ***e computer-like functions
    function block
  6. memory location whose contents determines how far a counter must count *** a timer must time
    preset word
  7. memory location which holds the current value of a counter or the elapsed time of a timer
    accumulator word
  8. this timer starts timing after the rung loses continuity and ** energizes after the preset time expires
    off-delay timer
  9. ladder instruction used when a signal status of a '1' is required to ***se the contact to close
  10. Ladder instruction used when a signal status of a '0' is required to **** the contact to close
  11. memory location from which data is used or moved
    source word
  12. ladder instruction used to control the status of an external or internal discrete output
    energize output
  13. ladder instruction used to end a parallel path
    branch end
  14. ladder instruction used to begin a parallel path
    branch start
  15. memory location to which data is moved or transferred
    destination word
  16. a communication function allowing a transmitting station to transmit to **1 stations on the network
  17. another name for the examine_OFF ladder instruction
    normally-closed contact
  18. a broadcast capability that allows stations to share interlocking data ***er the network
    global I/O
  19. the program elements on the left side of a rung that determine how an output coil is controlled
    condition instructions
  20. this timer starts when the rung has logic continuity and energizes ***er the preset time expires
    on-delay timer
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