Set 4

  1. In this​ case, rhinos are best categorized as
    common pool resources.
  2. The overhunting of rhinos is an example of
    the tragedy of the commons
  3. One possible economic solution to the overhunting of rhinos is to​ __________.
    allow private conservation organizations to purchase the rhinos and their habitat.
  4. The primary types of tax systems are​ ___________
    • -regressive tax systems
    • - proportional tax systems.
    • - progressive tax systems.
  5. An example of a progressive tax is the​ __________.
    income tax
  6. An example of a regressive tax is the​ ___________.
    social security tax
  7. An example of a proportional tax is the​ ___________.
    medicare tax
  8. Amanda pays no tax because she has no income. If they all live in a country that has a progressive income​ tax, which will be​ higher: the tax that Ben pays or the sum of the taxes Cathy and Dylan​ pay?
    The tax that Ben pays because​ high-income individuals pay higher income taxes.
  9. Amanda and Ben will pay the same tax as Cathy and Dylan because​ ____________.
    the couples have the same family income.
  10. Is the income tax in this country marriage​ neutral?
    ​No, because Cathy and Dylan pay higher taxes when married than before marriage.
  11. In an attempt to help the​ poor, Do you think this is a​ possibility? Explain your answer.
    ​Yes, it might hurt the poor by creating a shortage.
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