Chem 4, College of the Desert, Chapter 7.txt

  1. Equivalents
    • The measure of an individual ion charge.
    • ie: SO4-2 = electracal charge of -2 = Equivalent charge of 2 because equivalent is the absalute value of the electracal charge.
  2. Osmosis
    • Least to most
    • Water molecules move through a semipermeable membrain from the solution with the lower solute concentration into a solution with the higher solte concentration.
  3. Hypertonic solution
    "Greater then" causes crenation, to shrink and shrivel.
  4. Isotonic Solution
    • "Equal to" or normal
    • RBC = 0.9% NaCl
    • 5.0% Glucose
  5. Hypotonic Solution
    "Less Then" causes cells to hemolysis, (swells and bursts).
  6. Hemolysis
    Swell & Burst
  7. Crenation
    Shrink & shrival
  8. Hydrogenation
    • Addition of H2 or 2H2
    • (used with pt catalist to break double bonds (H2) and triple bonds (2H2)).
  9. Hydration
    Addition of H-OH
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