1. How are DNA and mRNA alike?
    They are both made of nucleic acid
  2. How are DNA and mRNA different? (How many strands, Nitrogen Bases, Location)
    DNA: 2 Strands, ATGC, Nucleus

    mRNA: 1 Strand, AUGC, Ribosome+Nucleus (It moves around, while DNA can't)
  3. How many strand of mRNA are transcribed from the two "unzipped" strands of DNA?
  4. If the following were part of a DNA chain, what mRNA bases would pair with it to transcribe it?

    A-T-G  G-C-A  T-A-C
    U-A-C  C-G-U  A-U-G
  5. If DNA is described as a double helix, how should mRNA be described?
    Uni-Helix/ Single- Helix
  6. Which nitrogen base replaces Thymine in tRNA?
  7. Name and describe the two types of RNA involved in protein synthesis?
    • mRNA: Messenger
    • tRNA: Transferer
  8. What is located at each end of tRNA molecule?
    Amino-Acid and Anti-Codon
  9. Where must an mRNA attach before protein production can begin?
  10. How many nitrogen bases are needed to specify and mRNA codon?
  11. What is the relationship between amino acids and proteins?
    The amino acids create the proteins
  12. What is the protein synthesis flow chart?\
    In order?
    • 1. (First Part)Transcription
    • 2. (Take place in the) Nucleus 
    • 3. (Where DNA is decoded into)mRNA 
    • 4. (Leaves through the) Nuclear Pore
    • 5. (Goes to a) Ribosome
    • 6. (The 2nd part of Protein Synthesis) Translation
    • 7. (Where) tRNA anticodons bond with...
    • 8. mRNA codon
    • 9. (Then) Ribosome
    • 10. (Create) Peptide bonds
    • 11. (Between) Amino Acids
    • 12. (Creating a) Protein!!
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