Psychology Midterm 2: Consciousness & Attention

  1. consciousness
    • 1. awareness
    • 2. control
  2. Freud's view of consciousness
    • iceberg metaphor- conscious, preconscious, unconscious
    • preconsious- memories can become conscious
    • unconscious- taboo cannot become conscious b/c it is too painful to produce
    • problem: if mind can repress unconscious, doesn't this mean unconscious is in memory?
  3. modern view: cognitive unconscious
    • mental systems can operate on unconscious level
    • ex. perception operates outside of consciousness
    • do not realize that unconscious is happening (thus not motivated to repress it)
  4. attention
    selection due to limited resources
  5. dichotic listening task
    "shadowing'- keep subjects from switching attention to other audio by making subject verbally repeat audio
  6. we control our attention
    exception: when someone calls your name, you instinctively pay attention
  7. inattentional blindness
    • failure to perceive
    • didn't see it
  8. inattentional amnesia
    • failure to encode info
    • didn't record it
    • NOT forgetting
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Psychology Midterm 2: Consciousness & Attention
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