LCS Propulsion

  1. ECS Subcomponents
    • MCS
    • DCS
  2. Ruggedized laptop loaded with ECS Software
    Monitors and Controls Propulsion
    • PPCU
    • Portable Propulsion Control Unit
  3. What is DAU & What does it do?
    • Data Acquisition Unit
    • Interface between consoles and ships equipment, sensors, systems
    • 21 of them
  4. Purpose of Reduction Gears
    • Reduce the speed of the prime mover to a usable speed for their associated water jets
    • convert high speed low torque to low speed high torque
  5. ASL 95
    • MRG for MPDE
    • Uses a multi-disc clutch
    • Has 5 plain bearings and 6 roller bearings
  6. Purpose of Multi Disc Clutch
    to engage and disengage main propulsion diesel engine to its main reduction gear
  7. Purpose of Power Take off shaft
    The purpose of the power take off shaft is to drive the attached water jet drive hydraulic pump
  8. When would you use a turning gear?
    • Cooldown
    • Maintenance
    • MRG Inspection
  9. Purpose of ASL 95 Built On Control Pump
    • The primary purpose of the built on control oil pump is to ensure control oil (hydraulic pressure) is supplied to the MDC for clutch engagement
    • once the MDC is engaged there is very little usage of control oil (only replacing the small amount of oil that is leaked off for clutch cooling)
    • the surplus control oil is diverted into the main lube oil supply system
  10. Purpose of ASL 95 Built On Lube Oil Pump
    • to support the Built On Control Oil Pump in providing the ASL 95 reduction gear with lubrication oil
    • also known as secondary built on lube oil pump
  11. ASL 95 Starting & Standby Pump
    The purpose of the Starting and Standby Pump is to supply control and lube oil to the ASL 95 reduction gear during start up, shut down and emergency operation, and during operation at the lower speed range.
  12. ASL 95 L/O Cooler
    Cooled by raw water
  13. BOS 156
    Reduction gear for GT's
  14. Power Take Off Shaft for GT's
    • Drives main water jet hydraulic pump
    • Also drives built on lube oil pump
  15. Hydraulic Boost Pump
    Supplies main hydraulic pump
  16. Provides active dampening of pitch/roll
    • Roll Fins
    • 4x
  17. Provides active dampening of yaw during high-speeds
    T-Max rudders
  18. Ride Control Modes
    • Trim Mode
    • Maneuver Mode
    • Off Mode
    • Active Mode
  19. Every pneumatic pump on the ship
    Operated by 7 bar air
  20. Stator bowl
    Receives water coming from impeller, reduces rotation, and passes it to nozzle
  21. __ second delay at stand-still of the plant with initial START of the starting and stand-by pump:
    30 second delay
  22. GT System Components
    • BEA (Base Enclosure Assembly)
    • GT Assembly
    • LOSCA
    • Engine Controller
  23. ECS Flow
    • Console accesses signal from TSCE network
    • TSCE network consists of 21 DAU's
    • DAU interface between network and system sensors
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