MAT vocab C3

  1. conjugal
    pertaining to marriage 

    connubial, matrimonial, spousal, marital
  2. connive
    to conspire, scheme

    collude, plot, contrive
  3. consecrate
    to declare sacred; dedicate to a goal 

    sanctify; devote
  4. consonant (adj.)
    consistent with, in agreement with 

    accordant, compatible, congruous
  5. consummate (adj.)
    accomplished, complete, perfect 

    thorough, exhaustive, ideal, flawless
  6. contemptuous

    derisive, disdainful, supercilious
  7. contentious
    quarrelsome, disagreeable, belligerent 

    argumentative, fractious, quarrelsome, litigious
  8. contrite
    deeply sorrowful and repentant for wrong

    regretful, apologetic, remorseful
  9. contumacious
    stubbornly disobedient

    insubordinate, factious, insurgent, mutinous, rebellious, seditious
  10. contumelious
    insolently abusive and humiliating 

    impertinent, impudent, procacious, saucy
  11. convoluted
    twisted, complicated, involved

    intricate, elaborate, baroque
  12. copious
    abundant, plentiful

    ample, abounding
  13. corporeal
    having to do with the body; tangible, material 

    somatic; concrete, physical
  14. corpulence
    obesity, fatness, bulkiness

    stoutness, rotundity, portliness, plumpness
  15. coterie
    small group of persons with a similar purpose

    circle, clique, set
  16. countenance (v.)
    to favor, support

    condone, approve, tolerate
  17. cryptic

    mysterious, recondite, inscrutable, enigmatic
  18. cudgel
    a short, heavy club

    baton, billy club, bludgeon, club, mace, nightstick, shillelagh
  19. cupidity

    avarice, rapacity, covetousness
  20. curmudgeon
    cranky person 

    grouch, crab, coot
  21. cursory
    hastily done, superficial

    shallow, careless
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