API 653 Baytech closed book missed questions part 1

  1. Pontoon type floating roofs shall have sufficient buoyancy to remain afloat on a liquid with a specific gravity of
  2. Under what condition does API 653 require 2 tension specimens to be taken at right angles to each other from a corner of each plate? One of those specimens must meet the specification requirements.
    When the direction of rolling is not definitely known
  3. If existing plates are to be used to reconstruct the tank, they shall be checked for which of the following?

    C) Excessive corrosion & pitting
  4. In repairing butt-weld flaws, what type and extent of examination is required to comply with APi 653?
    Examined full length by radiography or UT methods
  5. What is the main disadvantage in using large size particles in the soil cushion material?
    If large particles are used, differential aeration corrosion may result where the particles contact the tank bottom
  6. What are the requirements regarding mill test reports according to API 650
    Mill test reports shall be furnished to the purchaser only when specified in the original purchase order
  7. API 653 permits the addition or reinforcing plates to existing un-reinforced nozzles. What requirement is necessary to add this reinforcement to the inside of the tank?
    Sufficient nozzle projection must exist
  8. If more extensive repairs are required, within the "Critical Zone", than those listed in API 653, what must be done with the bottom plate?
    The bottom plate under the bottom shell course shall be cut out and a new plate installed
  9. During the filling of an above ground storage tank for initial testing, leakage was observed in a horizontal seam. Repairs are to be completed with the test water in the tank. The tank is 61' high and the leak is discovered 29' below the top of the tank. Where must the water level be during repair?
    The water level shall be not more than 31' form the bottom of the tank
  10. When it is necessary to install a hot tap connection or add a reinforcing plate to an existing un-reinforced penetration, API 653 requires what type, extent, and purpose of examination?
    UT for lamination shall be performed in the immediate area
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API 653 Baytech closed book missed questions part 1
API 653 Baytech closed book missed questions part 1