science ch. 15

  1. flow of electrons or other charged particles from one place to another
    current electricity
  2. what is the SI for with the "force" with which an electric current flows
  3. Formula to find power used when given voltage and current
    P =VI
  4. electricity that flows only in one direction
    direct current (DC)
  5. Electricity that continually alternates direction
    alternating current (AC)
  6. SI unit for measuring the amount of current
  7. materials through which current flows easily
  8. materials through which current does not easily flow
  9. amount a certain object hinders electron flow
  10. what unit is used to measure resistance quantity
  11. a material that allows current to flow through it with no resistance at all
  12. an electrical device designed to add resistance to a circuit
  13. what law states that current flowing through a conductor is directly proportional to the voltage and inversely proportional to the resistance

    voltage = current x resistance
    Ohm's law

    V = IR
  14. rate of charge flow
  15. four factors affecting resistance of a conductor
    • the diameter of the conductor
    • temperature
    • length of the conductor
    • type of material
  16. heat produced by electric friction
    Joule heat
  17. three parts of a simple electric circuit
    • source of current
    • conductors
    • load
  18. a circuit that contains a complete path for a current to flow through
    closed circuit
  19. a circuit that contains a gap that the electrons cannot pass
    open circuit
  20. dangerous situation that occurs if electricity takes a "short cut" through the circuit
    short circuit
  21. narrow strip of metal housed in a protective, insulated case and protects against excessive current
  22. what type of circuit has its load arranged so that the electric current flows through each load one after another
    series circuit
  23. circuit which has the loads arranged in separate branches so the current is divided among them
    parallel circuit
  24. what was the first type of electric light suitable for house hold use
    incandescent lamp
  25. what produces light by passing an electric current through a long tube filled with a low-pressure mixture of mercury vapor and argon
    fluorescent lamp
  26. a simple device that converts electricity to a back and forth motion
  27. device for communicating over long distance by means of electro magnets
  28. most important device for converting electricity into motion
    electric motor
  29. rotating electromagnet that aligns with the poles of the field magnet
  30. group of electrochemical cells connected together as a single source of current
  31. device that uses electromagnetic induction to produce electricity
  32. semiconductor that emits light when a direct electric current is applied
    LED (light-emitting diode)
  33. LED:
    light-emitting diodes
  34. an electrical switch operated by an electromagnet
  35. converts pulses of electricity into sound waves
  36. ability of magnetism to convert mechanical motion into electrical current
    electromagnetic induction
  37. device that increases or decreases the voltage of an alternating current using electromagnetic induction
  38. three ways to increase strength of an electromagnetically induced current
    • speed of magnet
    • number of wire turns
    • strength of magnet
  39. what generator uses a fluid as a moving conductor
  40. unit used by electric companies used to charge for electricity
  41. name of the current for electric current that flows in both directions
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