piyo midterm 5

  1. Pilates is the exercise method that combines elements of
    yoga, gymnastics, dance
  2. who created pilates
    Joseph Pilates
  3. what was the name of pilates before
  4. Joseph pilates formed a philosophy to
    help people get over illness (asthma)
  5. Benefits of yoga
    Muscle balance and posture. Build strong core. Increase strength flexibility. Teaches Integrated movement. Brings mindfulness to movement. connects movement with breath
  6. Types of muscles
    skeletal muscle, smooth muscle and cardiac muscle
  7. attach to a bone by tendons and they come in pairs. One muscles moves in on direction. And the partner muscle moves it the back in the other direction. **Called voluntary muscle(think in order to move them)
    skeletal muscle
  8. found in the walls of the organs. They have the capacity to stretch and maintain tension for a long time. Unlike skeletal muscles, smooth muscles are involuntary.
    smooth muscle
  9. found in heart only. Specialized and voluntary.
    cardiac muscle
  10. muscle contractions
    concentric, eccentric, isometric
  11. occurs when a muscle develops tension, reacts, and shortens in length.
    concentric (positive)
  12. The muscle lengthening during an exercise
    eccentric (negative)
  13. when the muscles are contracted with no change in muscle length because the joint position remains static.
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