Miscellaneous Ch 15 & 18

  1. Molecules that appear in elementary reactions but not in the overall reaction are called ________. The slowest step in any proposed mechanism is called the _____-________ step
    • intermediate
    • rate-determining step
  2. A specific nucleus with a given atomic number and mass number is called a ______. The ______ ______ is the difference between the mass of an isotope and its mass number.
    • nuclide
    • mass defect
  3. The ______ _____ is the energy that holds a nucleus together, equal to the mass defect of the nucleus
    binding energy
  4. Nuclear radiation is sometimes called ______ _______, because it is energetic enough to eject electrons from atoms
    ionizing radiation
  5. _________ is the most commonly use medical radionuclide Emits detectable gamma rays. ________ is used for the gamma knife. PET (_____ _____ _____) uses ____, much more detailed than x-rays and extensively used to measure ______ ______
    • Technetium 99m 
    • Cobalt-60
    • positron emmision tomography 
    • 18F 
    • brain activity
  6. ______ ______ energy, Ebind, is the energy released when protons and neutrons come together to form a nucleus
    Nuclear binding energy
  7. Nuclear fission
    bombarding heavy atoms with neutrons can split atoms into fragments, releasing huge amounts of energy
  8. ______ ______ is the minimum mass of fissionable material needed to maintain a nuclear chain reaction
    critical mass
  9. _______ _____ is an amount of fissionable material that is not enough to sustain a nuclear chain reaction
    subcritical mass
  10. Name that nuke:
    Little boy
    Fat man
    Tsar bomba
    • Little boy: gun-type
    • Fat man: implosion-type
    • Tsar bomba: hydrogen bomb **most powerful
  11. Exposive fission reactions ______ occur in a nuclear reactor. Why?
    • cannot 
    • fuel is not dense enough
  12. Fuel of explosive fission reactions is shaped into ______ and inserted into a ______, a material that slows down the neutrons as they pass between the fuel ____.
    • rods
    • moderator
    • rods
  13. Example of nuclear reactor
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