Ch 17 Global Human Resource Management

  1. Human Resource Management (HRM)
    Activities an organization conducts to use its human resource effectively
  2. Expatriate Manager
    A national of one country appointed to a management position in another country
  3. Staffing Policy
    Strategy concerned with selecting employees for particular jobs
  4. Corporate Culture
    Organization's norms and value systems
  5. Ethnocentric Staffing Policy
    All key management positions are filled by parent-country nationals
  6. Polycentric Staffing Policy
    Host-country nationals are recruited to manage subsidiaries in their own country, while parent-country nationals occupy key positions at corporate headquarters
  7. Geocentric Staffing Policy
    Where the best people are sought for key jobs through an MNE, regardless of nationality
  8. Expatriate Failure
    Premature return of an expatriate manager to the home country
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