Family Development Midterm

  1. what is the color of the sky

    C) Blue
  2. Addison and Sujay are expecting a baby soon and reading up on how to maintain a happy familY. They learn that one way to create family cohesion is to

    A) do what they can to eat dinner together
  3. Darcy and Greg have three children who are grown and have families of their owN) The four families plan all their social activities together and have few close friendships outside this circlE) What form of cohesion is this family illustrating?

    C) enmeshed
  4. Which scenario is an example of an externalizing behavior problem?

    B) Tasha refuses to clean her room after her parents have a fighT)
  5. Tahim and Nadia have been together for three yearS) They frequently argue and threaten to break up, and then make up and talk about how much they love each otheR) What type of relationship are they in?

    D) tempestuous
  6. Debbie and Carl don't feel much affection for each other, but neither do they have much to argue about. What term characterizes their marriage?

    D) bland
  7. Which action could be interpreted as "positive affect" in a marriage?
    A) washing dishes on the other person's "night" to do them
    B) going out for drinks after work before meeting your spouse
    C) doing paperwork at the same table while listening to your spouse
    D) pursuing separate hobbies that you each enjoy independently
     A) washing dishes on the other person's "night" to do them 
  8. Who is illustrating relationship-focused coping with his partner?

    A) Paul, who does not want to visit in-laws, but agrees to a short visit
  9. Sadie often tells Andrew that he can't do anything right, especially when Andrew has just done something that Sadie doesn't like. Sadie shows her anger with Andrew through

    A) passive aggression.
  10. After Ted forgets their dinner plans while playing golf, Sarah breaks his favorite golf club. She has expressed her anger through

    A) displacement.
  11. Jake can't believe that Gina has invited her sister to tag along on a concert with them. He "loses" her ticket by hiding it in his backpack. Jake is engaging in

    D) sabotage.
  12. According to Gottman,
    occurs when one partner feels that he or she is smarter
    and/or more sensible than the other. For example, one partner might sigh or look up at the sky as a response to something the partner says or does.

    D) contempt
  13. Lori is so frustrated with her husband David. No matter how many times she tells him not to, he still leaves her to fend for herself at parties. Whenever she brings it up, he just says that she is a big girl. David is engaging in

    B) stonewalling.
  14. Amy does not like how her mother-in-law treats her, and has had it. This year, she refuses to go to her in-laws for the family holiday dinner, and insists that the kids stay home with her as well. Amy is exhibiting

    D) belligerence.
  15. Caden is getting ready to go to work and says to his girlfriend, Holly, "Don't even start—I know what you're going to say. I can take out the trash without being nagged about it." Caden is exhibiting

    B) defensiveness.
  16. Lori is a stay-at-home mother. Her husband, Rohan, often goes out to a bar with his co- workers after work for hours, leaving Lori to spend the evening alone with the kids. She sometimes warns him that he'll be in trouble if he doesn't start treating her better, and he typically responds by saying "What are you going to do, leave?" Lori's husband is showing

    B) high-intensity negative affect.
  17. Mike tells Paula that his boss wants him to work overtime on a day that he had plans to go fishing with his buddies. He then thinks out loud about how he can get the work done
    before the fishing trip. This is an example of

    A) report talk.
  18. According to Frank, Kelly can't seem to do anything right. He constantly tells her she needs
    to learn how to cook and clean from his mother. She is growing weary of his

    C) criticism.
  19. Jackie has had a difficult day at work with a bossy co-worker. She shares the details of her
    miserable day with her boyfriend, hoping for some commiseration. Jackie is
    communicating with her boyfriend by using

    A) rapport talk.
  20. jQuery110109210342798504683_1490202331817?  A therapist wants to explain the female-demand/male-withdraw communication pattern to couple. Which scenario will illustrate this style?

    C) Christen wants to discuss having a baby. Nick isn't sure about this, so he finds a reason to leave the room.
  21. Martha and Travis are trying to get out of a rut. You suggest that the practice of checking it
    out might help them

    C) figure out what the other person is really thinking, rather than guessing.
  22. Your partner spills coffee on your laptop while she is installing some software. Which question might help your partner avoid feeling defensive?

    B) What happened to cause the spill? 
  23. jQuery11010854439659565952_1490210734534?  A couple attends a relationship retreat to learn more about communication and how to navigate disagreement. According to your text, what is a key concept they might take away
    about forgiveness?

    D) Forgiveness comes when the couple moves forward from the issue at hand.
  24. Elizabeth works as a public librarian. She is known for letting people know when there's a
    problem, listening to her colleagues and addressing their concerns promptly, and
    maintaining her composure and good grace through it all. Elizabeth exhibits

    A) emotional intelligence.
  25. A new couple is attending prenuptial classes. At the end of the last class, the leader asks
    each couple to express their thoughts on conflict in relationships. How should they

    D) Conflict is a necessary part of relationship communication.
  26. Paige is angry that Dennis was late one evening. Dennis asks her if she is angry and she replies, "No," while slamming the front door shut. Paige's response is an example of

    D) a double message.
  27. How does the median age of a first marriage today compare nith that of the past?

    B) The median age of first marriages in 2011 are higher than any ages ever recorded.
  28. The Roman Catholic Church influenced marriages around 400 years ago by providing

    B) regulations for marriage that were often ignored.
  29. The family unit acts as an organizational unit that serves a function in society based on social norms, values and beliefs. This is known as a(n)

    A) social institution
  30. Society has historically looked at marriage as

    B) the financial agreement between the gaffers' families.
  31. Gertrude has four husbands. i%at type of marriage arrangement is this?

    C) polyandry
  32. type of society favors romantic love over kinship benefits?

    C) individualistic
  33. The Industrial Revolution resulted in a transition of marriage from a(n)

    B) patriarchal to an individualistic institution.
  34. Who would be a member of one's virtual kin?

    A) a close family friend
  35. type of unit is characterized by its reliance on aunts and uncles as integral parts of the family?

    A) nuclear family
  36. What does an increasing trend of cohabitation rather than marriage in a society reflect?

    A) the deinstitutionalization of marriage
  37. How did companionate marriage transition into individualized marriage?

    B) The concepts of self-actualization and independent thinking were more accepted.
  38. Sasha and Bill craft their ideas about marriage based on their own expectations of emotional intimacy and personal growth. what type of marriage does this illustrate?

    A) individualized marriage
  39. jQuery110105559745384592096_1490212305408? The selection hypothesis, as it relates to marriage, might explain how conditions

    D) are based on existing relational patterns with family members.
  40. Kevin and Shauna have been married for three years. Suppose that they have grovvn happier together purely based on the fact that they are, in fact, married to each other. would explain this?

    A) experience hypothesis
  41. Lashonda is a well-adjusted child with good grades and a generally respectful attitude. Her parents believe that her behavior is largely based on the fact that they have remained married to each other. Which 
    perspective would agree with this?

    A) marriage
  42. Sadie is in an abusive marriage, and •,xmuld like to get a divorce. Her marriage is bound by covenant marriage laws. How this affect her plans for a divorce?

    C) Sadie must go through a separation for at least two years.
  43. Michael and Micah are married, but Charlene and Devin are not. ii'llat might predict based on marriage gap statistics?

    D)  Michael and Micah are from a higher socioeconomic status.
  44. Susan is a young attractive store cashier with children, each with a different biological father. Based on the multiple partner fertility perspective, do her prospects for marriage look like?

    B) Not so good; she has children.
  45. Policy makers following the family change perspective would expect a single mother working to feed and clothe her children to spend her energies on

    C) career and parenting education.
  46. Daymon and Allie are getting married. If their relationship is based on the concept of enforced trust, this commitment •will involve

    C) friends and family bringing gifts to the ceremony
  47. jQuery1101040157757541410777_1490232386184????? Kaitlyn just turned 40 and is unhappy in her marriage of five years. can be predicted to happen in this situation, based on research cited in your text?

    C) She will stay in the marriage because of her belief in its eventual success.
  48. i%en couples engage in role-making, as opposed to role-taking, they

    D) negotiate their expectations for the relationship.
  49. Andres and Charita are newlyweds. advice could John Gottman give them ?

    C)  Communicate wants and needs adequately.
  50. Doris and Keenan are getting married for the first time. According to the Creighton University study cited in your text, is one key issue that they •will face in their new marriage?

    A) navigating blended finances
  51. The concept of marital sanctification is based on the

    D) divine ordination of marriage.
  52. In order to be considered scientific, research must be based on

    B. empirical evidence.
  53. In order to be considered scientific, research must be based on

    B. empirical evidence.
  54. What process helps to ensure that published research is objective and verifiable?

    D. peer consensus
  55. Researchers develop a _________of marriages and families based on patterns they observe and analyze in the real world.

    A. theoretical perspective
  56. Sarah's workplace provides an attached daycare for the children of its employees. You are exploring the impact of this daycare on the
    participating families' environment and workplace. mat theoretical perspective lends itself to this analysis?

    B. family ecology
  57. A research project using a family ecology perspective may be problematic in that the

    C. scope may be too broad to be inforrnative.
  58. How does the delayed transition to adulthood today, as compared with the past, interfere with role sequencing?

    D. It alters the proper transitional sequence and may impact future mental health and happiness.
  59. Casey is studying how one family has handled a number of typical life events by surveying three generations. His work will be
    primarily based on which perspective?

    B. family life course development framework
  60. Which hypothesis proposes that an individual should be well-established in a job before getting married, and be well-established in
    marriage before having children?
    a. systems boundary
    b. emerging adulthood
    c. normative order
    d. nested structure

    c. normative order
  61. Two middle-aged couples have both recently sent their last child off to college. One couple consists of two gay, White males, and the
    other consists of a Pakistani mother and Indonesian father. Which perspective would tend to come to the same conclusions about
    how these two couples handle the "empty nest" based on rituals and role making?

    C. structure-functional
  62. ??? Sixteen-year-old Rahul lives with his mother, aunt, and grandparents. This arrangement describes his
    a. equilibrium.
    b. exchange balance.
    c. fictive kin.
    d. social structure.
  63. ??? Which theory proposes that a "real" family does not exist, but rather, that people make up their ideas of what constitutes a family
    from the stories and objects around them?
    a. conflict theory
    b. family systems theory
    c. exchange theory
    d. postmodern theory
  64. Clara is a part-time dance teacher with three children and a husband who has had a string of extramarital affairs over the years.
    Which theory would propose that she stays with her husband because of her lack of independent resources, in spite of his infidelity?

    A. exchange theory
  65. ???Jacob's dad has been staying out late and coming home drunk for the past several months. He and his mom have compensated by splitting all of the household tasks between the two of them. VVhat theory directly addresses this family dynamic?
    a. network theory
    b. biosocial theory
    c. family systems theory
    d. exchange theory
  66. Gilda is a vehement proponent of abolishing marriage altogether because of its inherent inequality. If she had to choose one
    sociological theory' that described her belief system, what would it be?

    A. feminist theory
  67. Which theory would explain that Cinderella was treated badly by her family primarily because she was a stepdaughter and not a
    blood-related daughter?

    C. biosocial perspective
  68. Cecelia dates casually but refuses to commit or become close. What term describes her attachment style?

    C. avoidant
  69. ??? In designing his research on the role of certain festivals in Mexican family life, Gilberto proposed that certain festivals hold certain meanings based on the interaction-constructionist theory. This proposal is known as a
    a. tautology
    b. hypothesis
    c. methodology
    d. social discourse
  70. Which form of research would a scientist use to study the effects of divorce on children over the course of the next 25 years of their

    C. longitudinal study
  71. What type of research would utilize census data to determine statistical facts?

    A. quantitative
  72. What type of research would gather the greatest depth of information on how individuals feel after experiencing a natural disaster?

    B. qualitative research
  73. ??? Political polls that generate data each of the fifty states without random assignment might generalize the information they gather to the entire country with a very low probability of error through
    a. representative samples of the national population.
    b. targeted selections from specific regions of the country.
    c. very large sample populations (one million or more).
    d. email solicitations of research participants.
  74. ??? What would be the most cost-effective means of gathering information from the largest number of individuals?
    a. clinical case studies
    b. focus groups
    c. naturalistic observation
    d. survey questionnaires
  75. ??? In a drug study of a new medication, one group receives the medication while the other group receives a placebo. The second group
    acts as the
    a. variable group.
    b. control group.
    c. field group.
    d. experimental group.
  76. You are embarking on a family research project. mat group will determine the safety and necessity of your proposed research study?

    B. an institutional review board
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