piyo midterm 1

  1. the ability of the heart, lungs, and vascular system to deliver oxygen rich blood to working muscles during sustained physical activity. (About 20-30 minutes)
    1. Cardiovascular
  2. the amount of force a muscle or muscle groups can exert against a heavy resistance
    muscular strength
  3. the ability of a muscle or muscle groups to repeat a movement many times or to hold a particular position for an extended period of time
    muscular endurance
  4. the degree to which a muscle will lengthen to create rang of motion in a joint
  5. the amount of fat in the body compared to the amount of lean mass (muscle/bones, connective tissue etc)
    body composition
  6. Piyo incorporates the basic components of fitness
    cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition
  7. - made up of rhythmic movements and spinal stretches and sun salutations that link each movement with fluidity and breath. - Done slowly and builds intensity - Gradually warm body and increase core temperature. - pump blood oxygen into larger muscle groups - Provides rehearsal effect to come
    warming up
  8. hold the pose, breath through it. Helps to strengthen
  9. movement, Rhythmically, body will get hotter, will sweat
  10. focus and flow combined
  11. In a PiYO class there are four sections:
    1. Introduction, warm up and heat building 2. Lower body strength, flow and balance 3. Upper body strength, flexibility, core focus 4. Cool down and final stretches
  12. 3 common things that are applied during PiYO
    focus, flow and fusion
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