Child and Preadolescent Nutrition: Conditions and Interventions

  1. Children with recovery from burns or cystic fibrosis need an increase in protein to
    150% of the DRI
  2. BMI is not an appropriate assessment tool for
    any condition have has decreased muscle mass or paralysis
  3. True/False: the CDC growth charts can be used for children with special conditions
    False...ONLY For healthy children
  4. Conditions that do NOT have growth charts (4)
    • Spina Bifida
    • Seizures
    • Cystic fibrosis
    • Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  5. supplement with increase calorie and protein needs for kids
  6. hydrolyzed protein formula  with MCT oil (fat) for kids with malabsorption
    peptamen jr.
  7. DRI for water for ages 4-8
    1.7 L/day

    **includes water in food naturally and beverages
  8. DRI for water for ages 9-13 (male and female)
    2.4 L/day for males

    2.1 L/day for females

    **includes water in food naturally and beverages
  9. what percentage of children with developmental delays have feeding difficulties
  10. energy needs for children with CF
    1.1-2.0 times the DRI for age
  11. Medication DNI with dilantin (for seizures) (2)
    • N/V/C
    • decreased Calcium folate and vitamin D
  12. athetosis
    uncontrolled movements of the large muscle groups seen in CP (burns a ton of calories, need higher energy needs)
  13. For ritalin and adderall you want the peak activity of the medication to be
    during school hours
  14. Nutrition intervention regarding lack of appetite from ADHD drugs
    time meals around medication action peaks 

    e.g. providing a large evening snack when medication effects are lower
  15. True/False: there is no proven evidence of nutrition as a cause or as a treatment of ADHA but families still often use herbal medicines and nutrition supplements

    address DNIs and side effects
  16. people with ADHD should avoid what
  17. what seems to worsen ADHA symptoms?
    food colorings (dyes) seen in processed foods
  18. Antiretroviral therapy may cause (2)
    • anorexia
    • N/V/D

    both leading to decreased food intake
  19. Requires that school provide a written plan to accommodate for special health care needs
    504 accommodation in dept. of education public school regulations
  20. nutritional services may be written into a child's individualized Education Program (EP)
    individuals with disabilities education act (IDEA)
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