Module 1 CNA HW/FILL-INs

  1. who has most authority in a nursing service department?
  2. provides 3 meals a day, house keeping, and laundry services
    assisted living residence
  3. nursing team is managed by the medical director? T/F
  4. accreditation for health care agencies is
    a voluntary process that signals quality and excellence
  5. hours of instruction does OBRA require
  6. a nurse can delegate
  7. threatening to touch a persons body without a persons consent
  8. giving wrong info ona job application is considered
  9. discussing your date with your patient is considered
    boundary crossing
  10. work ethics
    behavior in the workplace
  11. necklaces and earrings are dangerous because
    patients can pull them off
  12. perfumes, colognes, and after shave lotions should
    not be worn
  13. who is responsible for childcare emergencies
    your responsibility
  14. the method nurses use to plan and deliver nursing care is the
    nursing care plan
  15. a nursing intervention
    is a nursing action or a nursing measure
  16. the focus of hospice care is
    on comfort not cure
  17. _____ involves the many health care workers whose skills and knowledge focus on the persons total care
    healthcare team
  18. the nursing team involves
    those who provide nursing care RNs,LPNs/LVNs, and CNA
  19. diagnosis related groups help reduce
    hospital stay costs
  20. health care agencies must meet certain standards set by
    • federal gov
    • state gov
    • accrediting agencies
  21. purpose of OBRA is
    requires that nursing centers provide care in a manner and in a setting that maintains or improves each persons quality of life, health, and safety
  22. you cannot delegate tasks to anyone. you can ask for help but that is all
  23. when should you refuse a task (10)
    • is beyond your legal limits
    • not in job description
    • not trained to do task
    • task could harm a person
    • persons condition has changed
    • dont know how to use supplies or equipment
    • directions arent ethical or legal
    • directions against agency policy
    • directions are not clear or complete
    • nurse cant supervise
  24. the nurse tells you that your behavior with a patient is outside of the helpful zone, meaning?
    you are either over involved or under involved
  25. tort
    a wrong committed against a person or their property
  26. leaving a patient in urine isĀ  considered
  27. if you suspect patient or resident abuse, what should you do?
    notify a nurse
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