Structure & Reactivity III

  1. Why are physical properties of alkanes predictable?
    intermolecular or van der Waals forces.
  2. Solids, such as salts (ionic compounds), are rigidly held in a crystal lattice, mainly by strong _______ forces. Non ionic but polar molecules, such as chloromethane (CH3Cl), are attracted by weaker ______-______ interactions (also of ______ origin). Finally, the nonpolar alkanes attract each other by _______ forces, which are due to electron correlation.
    • Coulomb forces
    • dipole-dipole interactions
    • coulombic origin
    • London forces
  3. Electron correlation
    when one alkane molecule approaches another, repulsion of the electrons in one molecule by those in the other results in correlation of their movement.
  4. London forces are _____ in contrast to coulomb forces, which change with the ______ of the distance between charges, while London forces change with the _____ power of the distance between molecules.
    • weak 
    • square
    • sixth
  5. At small distances
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Structure & Reactivity III
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