BIC Block 2 Day 2

  1. What specifies the training to be provided in terms of job tasks, knowledge, and required proficiency levels?
    Training standards
  2. What serves as a contract between the training organization and the using organization?
    Training standards
  3. What's one of the primary purposes of training standards?
    Standardize and control the quality of training
  4. What are the two types of training standards?
    Specialty Training Standard (STS) and Course Training Standard (CTS)
  5. What is an Air Force specialized publication?
  6. What is used to establish training requirements and training capability for AFSC awarding and supplemental courses?
  7. What is the basic reference by which major commands evaluate enlisted formal school graduates?
  8. What is the basis for preparing CDCs?
  9. What is the starting point for creation of job qualification standards?
  10. What is the basis for specialty knowledge tests (SKT)?
  11. What is more limited in scope and use than an STS?
  12. What are used in training agencies and are NOT part of an individual's training record?
  13. What is implemented whenever a specialty training standard is not appropriate?
  14. What is a specialized publication providing a general overview of the course in terms of length and hours?
    Education plan
  15. What are a few of the important major sections in an education plan?
    • Course description
    • Course objectives
    • Prerequisites
  16. What is a specialized publication used as a course control document?
    Plan of Instruction
  17. What is organized by blocks and units in the preferred sequence of instruction and used by instructors and immediate supervisors to manage instructional activities?
    Plan of Instruction
  18. What lists the objectives to be accomplished during the course, the support material needed, and the portion of training time allocated for each unit and objective?
    Plan of Instruction
  19. What transfers the training requirements specified in the training standard (STS or CTS) into training objectives and identifies guidelines for accomplishing the objectives?
    Plan of Instruction
  20. What serves as the Lesson Plan (LP) Part I which will be used for the development of the Lesson Plan Part II?
    Plan of Instruction
  21. What normally consists of a cover or title page, an "A" PAGE listing individual pages of the POI, and a foreword page ("i" page)?
    Plan of Instruction
  22. What contains information listed under three headings: Purpose, Course Design/Description, and References?
    Third page, FOREWORD PAGE, "i" page -- from the POI
  23. What block is left blank when the POI is prepared and published but will be filled in when the POI becomes a Lesson Plan Part I?
    Name of Instructor
  24. What part of the POI is obtained from the Education Plan and entered exactly as shown?
    Course title and block title
  25. What part of the POI is used to list in outline format, the unit or module of instruction, title, the training objective(s) of the unit, and the teaching steps for each objective, if applicable?
    Course content, column 1
  26. What part of the POI is used to reflect the instructional time allowed for the unit of instruction?
    Time, column 2
  27. What part of the POI can either follow the training objective on the Lesson Plan Part I or can be listed on a computer-generated continuation sheet?
    Support materials and guidance
  28. What part of the POI lists only instructional materials used by the student to accomplish the objectives?
    Student instructional materials
  29. What part of the POI identifies items such as slides and transparencies by subject sets/groups rather than by individual number and title?
    Audiovisual aids
  30. What part of the POI lists the items of equipment required by the student to accomplish the objective?
    Training equipment
  31. What part of the POI lists the training methods (Lecture, Discussion, Performance, or Demonstration) used to teach the objectives in the unit?
    Training methods
  32. What part of the POI indicates the total number of instructors required (including the primary instructor) if more than one instructor is required for any portion of a unit of instruction?
    Multiple instructor requirements (MIR)
  33. What part of the POI lists special instructions, emphasis, precautions, groups and equipment scheduling, etc.?
    Instructional guidance
  34. What is the first course control document developed?
    Training standard
  35. What is the second course control document developed?
    Education plan
  36. What document is initiated in the analysis phase of the ISD process and finalized in the design phase?
    Education plan
  37. What is the third/last course control document developed?
  38. What is prepared in the development phase of the ISD process and is linked to the Training Standard and the Education Plan?
  39. How are the training standard and plan of instruction linked?
    Lists/references common tasks and knowledge
  40. Which course control document specifies the training to be provided in terms of job tasks,  knowledge, and required proficiency levels?
    Training standard
  41. Which course control document is a specialized publication providing a general overview of the course in terms of length and hours?
    Education plan
  42. What is the correct sequence for the development of course control documents?
    Training standard, education plan, plan of instruction
  43. Unit of instruction titles and times allotted to each unit are specified in the...
    Education plan and plan of instruction
  44. The Training Standard and POI correlate in terms of...
    Knowledge and skills to be taught
  45. Training Standards are used to...
    Specify the training to be provided
  46. In which phase of the ISD process is the POI developed?
  47. Which course control document is also known as the Lesson Plan Part I?
  48. The STS is the appropriate Training Standard used for...
    Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) awarding courses
  49. The section of the POI detailing the planned use of resources, precautions and special instructions is called...
    Instructional guidance
  50. Under which subheading of Support Materials and Guidance would you list how the instruction is to be presented?
    Training methods
  51. In which phase of the ISD process is the Education Plan initiated?
  52. Whose purpose of objectives includes serving as the foundation for training, serving as a basis for test development, and allowing a selection of appropriate instructional training strategies?
    Curriculum developers
  53. Whose purpose of objectives includes directing attention to the important content, stating the standard of expected performance, and serving as a self-check for progress?
  54. What are the two types of teaching objectives?
    Knowledge-based and performance-based
  55. What type of objective is based on a training standard's subject or task knowledge item requiring student behavior not directly observable?
    Knowledge-based objective
  56. What type of objective is an objective based on training standard performance tasks?
    Performance-based objective
  57. What objective is written to allow observation and measurement of psychomotor skills?
    Performance-based objective
  58. What identifies the situation under which a student is expected to demonstrate a behavior?
  59. What may specify a thing given or denied the student to accomplish an objective?
  60. When can a condition be implied?
    Knowledge objective
  61. What is a student expected to do and/or how they are to behave?
  62. What is defined as a skill, knowledge, or attitude (SKA) which is observable and measureable?
  63. What portion of an objective states what the students will be required to perform or must know to demonstrate they have learned a specific skill, knowledge, or attitude?
  64. What clearly states the capability so everyone (students, instructors, course supervisors, and planners) can understand it?
  65. What uses action verbs related to specific learned capabilities to remove ambiguity about what learning outcome the demonstrated behavior actually represents?
  66. What is the minimum acceptable level of performance for the specified learned capability and condition?
  67. What serves as a criterion for determining whether the student has achieved a satisfactory level of performance?
  68. When can a standard be implied?
    Knowledge objective
  69. What are the prescribed logical and sequential steps necessary to successfully accomplish the training objective?
    Supporting skills and knowledge
  70. What are supporting skills and knowledge also known as?
    Teaching steps
  71. In a knowledge-based objective, two parts of the objective may be implied. They are the...
    Condition and standard
  72. Supporting skills and knowledge are also known as...
    Teaching steps
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