1. What is often the most difficult stage of the deployment?
  2. How many substance use disorder rehabilitation treatments in a lifetime with one per benefit period does TRICARE cover?
  3. US non-network providers may charge up to what percent above what TRICARE pays?
  4. Which year was the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and mental Health Administration (ADAMHA) Reorganization Act passed?
  5. Symptoms of what disorder includes difficulty paying attention, focusing on task, or sitting for even a short period of time?
    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  6. What program offers anonymous self-assessment tools to help you and your family possible behavioral health symptoms and provides guidance on how to get help?
    Mental Health Self-Assessment Program
  7. How many regions is the TRICARE program managed?
  8. What is the web-based program that uses audio-visual and instant messaging features to provide online access to counseling for short-term, non-medical issues?
  9. What can stress lead to if it persists without treatment?
  10. What user-friendly site offers confidential education about a host of important topics, including stress, its triggers, how to manage it; work conflicts; and special deployment challenges faced by children?
  11. Group psychotherapy sessions are covered for up to how many minutes?
  12. What can weaken your immune system making it harder for your body to fight disease?
  13. Individual psychotherapy crisis sessions are covered for up to how many minutes?
  14. Up to how many sessions of outpatient psychotherapy are covered per week in any combination of individual, family, collateral, or group sessions?
  15. What is an invisible yet physical injury that may be caused by being close to an explosion or a blow to the head?
    Mild TBI
  16. Which program uses secure audio-visual conferencing to connect qualifying beneficiaries with offsite TRICARE-authorized providers?
    Telemental Health Program
  17. How many factors determines how you access your behavioral health are?
    Three:  the type of beneficiary you are, your TRICARE program option, and your location
  18. Deep sadness, rebellious behavior, loss of interest in pleasurable activities, drug
  19. Inpatient psychiatric care patients 19 and older are limited to how many days of treatment per fiscal year or in any single admission?
  20. Which year did Congress enact HIPAA to combat fraud and abuse, improve portability of health insurance coverage, and simply health care administration?
  21. What is the key for the most successful treatment of substance abuse disorder?
    Early detection
  22. Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP) provides up to how many days of coverage for you and your eligible family members beginning on your releave from your active duty date?
  23. What is term used interchangeably with mental health?
    Behavioral health
  24. Which providers perform psychotherapy, psychological testing, and counseling services, but cannot generally prescribe medication?
    Clinical psychologist
  25. Which providers may perform psychotherapy and counseling, as well as manage medication?
  26. Military OneSource offers up to how many cost free and confidential counseling sessions to eligible military personnel and their family members?
  27. What provide extended care for children and adolescents who have psychological disorders requiring treatment in a therapeutic environment?
    Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs)
  28. Symptoms that include feelings of loss, sadness, and hopelessness may lead to a diagnosis of what?
  29. Which type of disorder can be identified by feelings of panic, fear, and uneasiness lsting longer than a few weeks?
  30. Eating large amounts of food in a short time and then eliminating it is defined as what type of eating disorder?
    Bulimia nervosa
  31. MTF outpatient care is not available to what beneficiaries?
  32. Who provide therapy to individuals with diagnosed psychiatric disorders or to individuals at risk for behavioral health problems?
    Certified Psychiatric Nurse Specialist
  33. Psychological testing and assessment is limited to how many hours per fiscal year?
  34. Once the TAMP period ends or within how many days of your separation date if you are not eligible for TAMP you and your eligible family members can elect CHCBP coverage?
  35. What diagnosis is given to service members with memories of combat experiences buried deep in the subconscious that unexpectly emerge upon transition back transition back into civilian life?
  36. All non-emergency inpatient behavioral health care admissions require authorization within how many hours of the admission?
  37. How many times per fiscal year can authorized user access TRIAP?
  38. Up to how many days of coverage does TRICARE provide in a TRICARE-authorized RTC and may cover more if the care is medically or psychologically necessary?
  39. How many days of rehabilitation per benefit period in a TRICARE-authorized facility does TRICARE cover whether an inpatient or partial hospitalization or a combination of both?
  40. Which term is used to describe when the physical well-being of an individual or those around him or her is at risk?
  41. Inpatient psychiatric care patients 18 and younger are limited to how many days of treatment per fiscal year or in any single admission?
  42. A PHP is a treatment setting providing medical therapeutic services at least five days per week?
  43. The US Family health Plan (USFHP) is a TRICARE Prime option available in how many geographic areas across the U.S.?
  44. Individual psychotherapy sessions are covered for up to how many minutes?
  45. Most RTCs do not accept individuals older than what age?
  46. What type of eating disorder is characterized by severely limiting the amount of food that's eaten?
    Anorexia nervosa
  47. The use and disclosure of medical information is regulated by both TRICARE policy and what else?
  48. For up to how many minutes are family or conjoint psychotherapy sessions covered?
  49. Up to how many days of coverage does TRICARE provide per FY in a TRICARE-authorized program for behavioral health disorders?
  50. What is the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline?
  51. What is the interpersonal, discussion-based type of behavioral health care?
  52. Referrals from your PCM are not required for the first how many outpatient behavioral care visits per beneficiary per fiscal year?
  53. Eating disorders fall into three categories:  Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, and what else?
    Binge eating disorder
  54. How many areas is the TRICARE overseas region divided into?
  55. What type of eating disorder is defined by uncontrollable eating resulting in weight gain?
    Binge eating disorder
  56. What are used to gather information and to implement treatment goals?
    Collateral Visits
  57. If you are issued delayed-effective-date active duty orders for more than 30 consecutive days in support of a contingency operation, you and your family may become eligible for TRICARE pre-activation benefits beginning on the date your orders were issued or how many days before you report to active duty whichever is later?
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