equipment and machines of ships

  1. special mark color and light
  2. what mark? 
    which side?
    what do u call this 3?

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    • lateral mark
    • port hand
    • pillar  cylindrical spar yung hule di ko alam
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    • 1. index mirror 
    • 2. frame
    • 3. telescope bracket
    • 4. index arm
    • 5. arc index
    • 6. micrometer mechanism
    • 7. release catch or clamp
    • 8. drum index
    • 9. drum
    • 10. thimble
    • 11. arc or scale
    • 12. horizon shades
    • 13. horizon mirror
    • 14. index shades
  4. bollard
    cast cylindrical post secured on pier and used for mooring vessels
  5. cleat
    a device consisting mainly of a pair of projecting horns. use for belaying a line of a rope
  6. binacle
    is the stand in which a compass is mounted
  7. effect of lat.
    the directive force of magnetic compass, is maximum near the magnetic equator and gradually decreases to zero at magnetic poles
  8. chronometer
    highly accurated clock
  9. names of mooring line
    headline.. springline breastline sternline
  10. isolated danger mark when lighted
    a white flashing light showing a group of 2 flashes
  11. inspection of anchor and all deck equipment and hull but not include the life preservers and fire is inspected for?
    every 4 years
  12. bow stopper
    • locate on fore part of the windlass which the anchor cable runs. 
    • - to secure the cable when the windlass break is slack off
  13. Image Upload 3
    safe water mark
  14. Image Upload 4
    safe water mark
  15. Image Upload 5
    isolated danger mark
  16. Image Upload 6
    isolated danger mark
  17. hygrometer
    determines the relative humidity
  18. psychrometer
    determines the relative humidity data and dew point
  19. inmarsat
    iinternational mobile satellite organization
  20. dead reackoning
    determining the position of the ship by charting its co. and spd. from the previous position
  21. safe water mark meaning and color
    • indicates that there's a safe water around the mark. 
    • red and white vertical stripes
  22. luminous range
    dist. at which lights can be seen in maximum dist. under atmospheric condition of existing visibility.
  23. fixed 
    • light is longer than dark
    • light is steady- equal
    • dark is longer than light 
    • shows light that changes color
  24. astrolabe
    formerly used to find the altitude of celestial bodies
  25. azimuth circle
    use in determining the bearing of terrestrial object and azimuth of celestial bodies
  26. pelorus
    replacement of gyro repeater
  27. patent log
    device use in measuring spd. of vessel
  28. load line
    indicate the maximum draught  to which the vessel may be loaded within specified circumstances
  29. deck line
    use to measure freeboard indicating the upper edge of deck
  30. Image Upload 7
  31. Image Upload 8
  32. special mark 
    • use to indicate the special area or feature which aparent to chart saililng direction and notices to mariners. 
    • 1. odas
    • 2. traffic separation mark
    • 3. spoil ground mark
    • 4. military exercise zone mark
    • 5. cable or pipeline mark
    • 6. recreation zone mark
  33. odas
    ocean data aquisition system
  34. inventor of plimsoll mark
    samuel plimsoll
  35. Image Upload 9
    • 1. 300mm
    • 2. 230mm
    • 3. 450mm
    • 4. 540mm aft 540mm fwd
    • 5. all lines are 25mm in thickness
  36. region a
    port and stbd color?
    comprises nations in europe, australia, new zealand parts of africa and most of asia other than the philippines japan and korea
  37. region b
    port and stbd color?
    comprises nations in north america, central america and south america, the taiwan, philippines, japan and korea
  38. lateral mark meaning
    indicate the edges of a channel
  39. stadimeter
    use for measuring the dist. of objects of known heights
  40. gyro compass
    a compass which uses the properties of gyroscopic inertia and precession
  41. docking telegraph
    uses in the ship one at stern and at the bow and is use in docking
  42. mechanical telegraph
    orders are transmited from bridge to engine room by means of wire and chain telegraph
  43. how would you identify that a 1st shackle or 15 fathom or 2nd shackle or 30 fathom or 3rd shackel or 45 fathom are out?
    you can see a piece of wire on the 1st 2nd 3rd link abaft the shackle
    join the lenghts of cable together
  45. 1m - ft.
  46. 1fathom - meters
  47. safe water mark light
    • white light
    • rythm: isophase, occulting single long flash every 10 sec or the a morse signal
  48. Image Upload 10
    • 1. stock
    • 2. shank
    • 3. arm
    • 4. crown
    • 5. fluke
    • 6. palm
    • 7. bill
  49. anchor
    is a device for mooring a floating vessel
  50. types of anchor
    • 1. stock less anchor
    • 2. old fashioned  anchor
    • 3. mushroom anchor
  51. 2 types of lead
    • 1. hand lead
    • 2. deep sea lead
  52. hand lead weight and depth?
    deep sea lead weight and depth?
    1. 7-14 lbs having line marked to about 25 fathoms 

    2. 30-100 lbs having line marked to about 100 fathoms or more
  53. barometer
    use to measure atmospheric pressure
  54. anemometer
    use to measure apparent wind speed only
  55. navigation light sentinel
    apparatus which when navigation lights fail it rings
  56. echo sounder or fathometer
    a sounding machine which making a sound wave to travel to the bottom of sea back to ship 

    - measuring depth of the sea
  57. cardinal mark meaning and color of it
    indicate where the mariner may find the best navigable water

    black and yellow horizontal bands
  58. bathythermograph
    temp of sea at various depth
  59. wind vane
    measure aparent wind direction
  60. Image Upload 11
    special mark
  61. Image Upload 12what mark?  side?  3?
    • lateral mark
    • stbd side
    • conical pillar spar
  62. light house
    usually a tower designed to guide or warm the mariners
  63. geographical range
    maximum distance at which curvature of the earth and terrestrial refraction permit a light to be seen from a particular height of eye without regard to luminous intensity of light.
  64. Image Upload 13
  65. pad eye
    metal ring welded on deck or bulkhead
  66. bitts
    a pair of cylindrical steel welded or bolted on deck
  67. aneroid barometer
    used to measure air pressure
  68. barograph
    instrument use in continuous record of atmospheric pressure
  69. load lines exemptions
    • 1. ships of war
    • 2. ship's solely engage in fishing
    • 3. pleasure yachts
  70. load lines LR.. AB.. BV..
    • lloyd's register
    • american bureau
    • bereau veritas
  71. optical principle of sextant
    twice the angle between index mirror  index in scale and horizon mirror is equal to the initial and final directions of ray of light which has undergone two reflection
  72. variation
    the angle between the magnetic and true meridian
  73. deviation
    • error in compass reading caused by local magnetic fields.
    • angular difference between magnetic north and compass north
  74. 2 types of magnetic compass
    • standard magnetic compass
    • steering magnetic compass
  75. rudder angle indicator
    during the steering it shows the actual angle of the rudder
  76. standard magnetic compass
    it is located at monkey island and sometimes the standard and steering compass are combined by using a light projection from standard compass to steering compass
  77. chock meaning 2 types
    • it is used though which the mooring lines are led
    • roller chock 
    • open chock
  78. 1 shackle= ?fathom
    15 fathoms
  79. compass error
    angular difference between true north and compass north
  80. napier diagram
    a diagram which compass deviation is plotted for various headings and the points connected by a smooth curve permitting the dev. problem to be solved quickly without interpolation.... james robert napier
  81. current and heave in make fast
    • horizontal movement of water
    • hilahin get it
    • itale i secure
  82. flood, slack away, let go
    • current moving towards the land
    • loose away the tied
    • throw
  83. isolated danger meaning color
    • moored on isolated danger
    • black with one or more red horizontal band
  84. magnetic compass
    compass that points the direction bec. of magnetic needle which attract by magnetic poles
  85. compass
    a device use in finding direction
  86. nominal range
    light can be seen in 10 miles visibility
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