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  1. Who directs all base operability, survivability, and recovery operations within the emergency operations center?
    Wing commander.
  2. who has the authoriy to determine what repairs are needed and in what priority
    the EOC
  3. The type of shoring used to stabilize the structural integrity of a facility affected by vertical loads (the effects of gravity) is
  4. When assembling and installing the arch assemblies on the small shelter system (SSS) where are the red-coded arches placed? a
    On the bottom; same side.
  5. When installing the main cover on a small shelter system (SSS), you should work the cover over the ends until you have at least a
    4- to 5-inch overlap
  6. Approximately where and how are guy anchors installed for the small shelter system (SSS)?
    36 inches away from the side with the top of the anchor away from the shelter.
  7. Identify the proper sequence for installing liners in the small shelter system (SSS).
    Mid liner, side liners, and end liners.
  8. When assembling a medium shelter system’s (MSS) base frame, the four single-headed spikes are used to
    anchor the end base centers.
  9. At which height above the floor are the receptacles installed in a medium shelter system (MSS)?
    47 inches.
  10. The shelter that can be installed directly on concrete using thunder studs is the
  11. The aircraft maintenance hangar (ACH) has how many shipping containers installed in the corners for office space?
  12. You should construct field latrines on
    level ground and never uphill from the campsite.
  13. When digging multiple side-by-side trenches for the saddle trench latrine, how much space should you allow in between the trenches for footing?
    2 feet.
  14. which type of airfield pavement damage has an apparent diameter equal to or greater than 15 feet and penetrates through the pavement surface?
    Large crater.
  15. What is the acceptable repair quality criterion that the filled-in crater should be in comparison with the adjacent undamaged pavement surfaces?
    Flush, plus or minus ¾ inch.
  16. When repairing a spall with magnesium phosphate cement, you should mix the ingredients for
    1 to 2 minutes.
  17. Which of the followings paints is used for all runway markings?
    Retroreflective white.
  18. Which of the following paints is used on runway shoulder markings and closed runway markings?
    Nonreflective yellow.
  19. Identify the paints used for all primary taxiway and taxi-lane markings.
    Retroreflective yellow
  20. After the minimum operating strip (MOS) layout and marker placement is complete, what is the final task for the four-person team?
    Remove any existing airfield marking signs.
  21. When constructing multi-layer Concertainer structures, approximately how high from the top should you fill the cells?
    3 inches.
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