Honors Research Methods Exam 2

  1. longitudinal studies
    collection of data at different points in time
  2. cross-sectional research
    the collection of data from a representative sample at only one point in time
  3. trend studies
    • a longitudinal study in which a topic is restudied using different groups of respondents
    • ex. the Roper studies on the credibility of the media
  4. Cohort analysis
    a study of a specific population as it changes over time
  5. panel studies
    a research technique in which the same sample of respondents is measured at different points in time
  6. confounding variables
    variables that the researcher failed to control, or eliminate, damaging the internal validity of an experiment
  7. cultivation effect
    a research approach suggesting that heavy TV viewing leads to perceptions of social reality that are consistent with the view of the world as presented on TV
  8. debriefing
    • after an experiment or study has been concluded
    • involves a structured interview bw researcher & the subjects whereby all elements of the study are discussed in detail
  9. experimental design
    blueprint or set of plans for conducting lab research
  10. factor
    a multivariate stat procedure used primarily for data reduction, construct development, and the investigation of variable relationships
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