509 3 CM "communicative language teaching

  1. able to explain why do the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines and the CEFR both have to take a functional approach to defining levels of proficiency?
    • having a shared framework is useful because it can be used in different contexts (countries, schools, etc.)
    • it allows teachers and students to focus on useful functions that students would nee to know to communicate effectively
  2. What are the 3 main types of content-based language-teaching programs
    • adjunct: content-based aproach which learners take 2 courses at the same time, one is a content course and the other is ESL
    • sheltered: Ss take a class which has both content and language instruction. There is use of simplified language.
    • theme-based: a content-based approach in which the content is based around one or more themes ex. food, work, etc
  3. content-based language teaching
    students must communicate (read, write speak, and listen) in the L2 to make meaning and construct knowledge about topics using "authentic" texts
  4. task-based language teaching (vs. task-supported)
    attention to form occurs within the context of performing the task ex. task: interviewing native speakers at school, so Ss learn to ask questions, question intonation, etc.
  5. task-supported language teaching (vs. task-based)
    forms are taught and tasks are used to practice ex. interview each other to practice this question intonation
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509 3 CM "communicative language teaching
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