VTNE Practice Test 2

  1. The drug Melarsomine (Immiticide) is used to kill..
    Adult heartworms
  2. Personal protective equipment should be worn when handling and administering...
    Cyclophosphamide, dimethyl sulfoxide, and nitroglycerin
  3. When NSAIDs are being dispensed, clients should be advised that potential side effects include...
    Vomiting and diarrhea
  4. 1 oz equals how many mL
  5. An IV bolus of 1-2 mg/lb of 2% lidocaine is used as an emergency drug for...
    Ventricular arrhythmia
  6. Dystocia caused by uterine inertia is commonly treated with...
  7. The appropriate surgical instrument for harvesting an autogenous bone graft is...
    Bone curette
  8. Which area must be prepped for a horse requiring a Caslick's operation?
  9. The correct term for the fibrous cord of connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone is...
  10. First-intention healing of wounds, as compared with second-intention healing is...
  11. Which of the following forceps is used to clamp blood vessels to control hemorrhage during a surgical procedure?
  12. Which of the following is a self-retaining retractor?
    Gelpi retractor
  13. Which of the following procedures is used to visualize the stomach to see if a suspected foreign body is present?
  14. Which surgical approach allows the abdomen to be opened through the linea alba?
    Ventral midline incision
  15. Horses develop enamel points on which surfaces of the teeth?
    Buccal edge of the upper arcade and lingual edge of the lower arcade
  16. The part of the mature tooth that is continuously deposited throughout life by odontoblasts is the...
  17. Which instrument should be used to remove subgingival calculus?
  18. The tip of the tooth root is called..
  19. Which of the following species has continuously erupting incisor teeth?
  20. Specimens used for antimicrobial sensitivity testing should be cultured on
    Mueller-Hinton agar
  21. An eosin-nigrosin stain mixture is used in semen analysis to evaluate the...
    Live:dead sperm ratio
  22. Centrifuging blood with an anticoagulant will separate the cells or formed elements from the...
  23. Which of the following is a Gram-positive spore-forming rod?
    Clostridium perfringens
  24. Babesia canis is found in...
  25. Which of the following procedures constitutes proper disposal of a used microbiology plate?
    Place in a biohazard bag and autoclaved before being discarded
  26. In general, culture plates are streaked in order to...
    Obtain isolated colonies
  27. In a direct saline fecal smear,observation of a motile,flagellate, binucleate trophozoite is indicative of
  28. If a patient has a WBC count of 10,000/uL showing 30% monocytes and 70% lymphocytes, the patients absolute monocyte count is
    3,000 cells/uL
  29. The term pediculosis means
    Lice infestation
  30. In the suspected presence of viral enteritis, which of the following would be the agent of choice to disinfect an area
    Sodium hypochlorite
  31. Hydatid cysts disease is a zoonotic condition associated with which of the following tapeworm species?
    Echinococcus multilocularis
  32. The California Mastitis Test (CMT) is a test for...
    WBCs and epithelial cells
  33. Which intestinal protozoan is commonly found in ruminants
  34. Which of the four compartments of the ruminant stomach is called the true stomach
  35. The toxic substance responsible for chocolate poisoning is
  36. The osmotic pressure of body fluids is primarily maintained by which of the following ions?
  37. Abdominal distension caused by fluid accumulation is commonly known as
  38. The term stomatitis refers to inflammation of the
  39. Which of the following endocrine glands exerts a master control over the secretions of the other endocrine glands
  40. Which of the following zoonotic diseases could be contracted through the improper handling of urine samples?
  41. Sexing of immature mice is commonly determined by
    Comparing anogenital distances
  42. A properly places urinary catheter extends from the tip of the penis or vulva to the...
    Neck of the urinary bladder
  43. A metatarsal bone is located in the..
    Hind paw
  44. Which of the following will absorb the fewest x-rays
  45. In radiography, the first step in all special procedures using contrast media is to...
    Take survey radiographs of the patient
  46. In case of respiratory arrest during inhalation anesthesia, the first thing to do is...
    Turn off the vaporizer
  47. The primary reason for administering 1-2 positive ventilations periodically during anesthesia is to...
    Reinflate collapsed alveoli in the lungs
  48. Splinting is a clinical sign of..
    Abdominal pain
  49. Increased duration or intensity of intraoperative pain is often evidenced by...
    Increased respiratory rate
  50. NSAID administration is appropriate for which of the following patients
    Welsh corgi with hip dysplasia
  51. If a thoracic radiograph taken using 80 kVp and 10 mAs is excessively dark, which of the following settings should be used for a retake?
    70 kVp and 10 mAs
  52. The advantage of intraoral radiography over extraoral radiography is that it...
    Minimizes the superimposition of tooth images
  53. A correct statement regarding the use of a high-speed screen is that it...
    Decreases exposure time
  54. One characteristic of dissociative anesthesia is..
    Poor visceral analgesia
  55. The effects of Dexmedetomidine/Medetomidine may be reversed by administering...
  56. Anesthetizes patients should be periodically ventilated to control the development of...
    Hypercapnia and atelectasis
  57. Which of the following best characterizes the physical condition of a patient who is classified as ASA class III?
    Moderate systemic disease or disturbance
  58. Pulse oximetry is a noninvasive method of measuring...
    Arterial oxygen saturation
  59. Which part of the gas anesthetic machine allows room air into the system in the event of a pressure change?
    Negative pressure relief valve
  60. Which of the following nerve blocks is acceptable for providing analgesia during dehorning of a cow?
  61. A preanesthetic that has pharmacologic properties similar to those of atropine is?
  62. In order to avoid bronchial intubation, the beveled end of the ET tube should not extend past the...
    Thoracic inlet
  63. Which of the following monitoring devices displays heart rate and rhythm?
  64. Which is the best route for administering drugs for CPR?
  65. Which of the following drugs is injected sublingually to stimulate breathing of neonates after delivery by a C-section
  66. Adverse effects of NSAIDs
    GI disturbances, GI bleeding, Renal disturbances
  67. With regard to analgesic properties, which drug is most similar to morphine
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