PLC Chapter 8

  1. intelligent module required to attach a PLC to a local area network
    network interface module
  2. module used to establish point-to-point connection for data exchange between the PLC and other intelligent devices, such as computers, process control systems, operator stations, or other PLCs
    serial communication module
  3. accepts a very fast input pulses that are unable to be detected by standard digital input modules
    high-speed counter module
  4. a module that performs a special control function, or signal pre-processing function, r some other computing or communications task, independent of the CPU
    intelligent I/O
  5. in a process, the actual process parameter that must be maintained at a desired setpoint
    prcess variable
  6. a private communications system designed to allow peer-to-peer communications among PLCs of a specific brand or model
    proprietary LAN
  7. typically used to handle text commands and transfers between the PLC and devices such as bar code readers, weigh scales, data terminals, message displays and printers
    ASCII module
  8. augments the PLCs programming language, and runs user-written programs independent of the CPU
    basic module
  9. performs high-speed monitoring, logic processing, and digital I/O control, independent of the CPU
    I/O logic processor mdule
  10. serial communications module that allows the PLC to make configuration changes and receive status information from the connected process loop controllers
    loop management module
  11. performs closed-loop control action, required to maintain process variables such as flow, speed, and level at a desired setpoint
    PID module
  12. intelligent module that places general computing capability inside of the PLCs rack
    PC-AT module
  13. independently cntrls multiple two-position (Heat-off) r three-position (heat-off-cool) control loops
    temperature controller module
  14. position measuring device that generates a position value based on the distance moved away from a home or reference position. If power is lost, the system must restart at home position
    incremental encoders
  15. controls the wall thickness of a molten plastic tube in blow molding applications
    parison control module
  16. outputs synthesized speech, based on a stored vocabulary of messages end alarms
    voice output module
  17. module that, under program control, output a stream f pulses intended to determine the speed and rotation of a particular type of motor
    stepper positioning module
  18. position decoding device that outputs a unique position value based on the actual position
    absolute encoder
  19. uses speed and position feedback to provide rapid closed-loop axis positioning involving servo drives
    servo positioning module
  20. camera inspection and image analysis technology to make decisions about a product or region
    vision input module
  21. module that accepts numerical data from both absolute and incremental position feedback devices
    encoder input module
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PLC Chapter 8
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