Internal Affairs Responsibility/Complaints

  1. The Office of Internal Affairs is an investigative unit which acts on behalf who?
    The Chief of Police
  2. How will a complaint against an employee be conducted?
    The Department member receiving a complaint shall contact a police supervisor who will interview the complainant and record the complaint.
  3. When will Complaint Control Forms will be forwarded to Internal Affairs
    At the time of the complaint
  4. If the complainant does not desire to lodge the complaint verbally, what shall occur?
    A Citizen Complaint Form will be made available
  5. Where are Citizen Complaint Forms available?
    Department templates and at Police Supply
  6. Category I - formal investigations
    • Unnecessary or excessive response to resistance
    • False arrest
    • Violations of a specific criminal statute
    • Serious or significant complaints of misconduct
    • Any Allegation of racial, sexual or workplace harassment
  7. Category II complaints are?
    Complaints related to inadequate police service and allegations lodged against members of the Department that are not included in Category I.
  8. Who has the primary responsibility for the investigation of all Category I complaints?
    The Internal Affairs Unit
  9. Investigation of Category II complaints shall be the primary responsibility?
    • The command involved.
    • *Internal Affairs may also investigate Category II complaints in certain instances at the direction of the Chief of Police*
  10. Supervisors are responsible to notify the who after a complaint is received?
    Higher level of command upon receipt of any complaint
  11. What will be contained in a member's discipline folder?
    • a copy of the disciplinary action
    • all subsequent correspondence related to the disciplinary appeal process
    • union representation
    • final settlement
  12. Who maintains a log of all fleeing vehicle reviews?
    Internal Affairs
  13. In any situation or incident of a critical or emergency nature, the officer in charge may request the assistance of?
    The Internal Affairs Unit
  14. In investigations where no criminal prosecution is anticipated, investigators may compel the employee to submit to?
    • Medical or laboratory examinations
    • Photographs taken of members for the purpose of the investigation
    • Line-ups
    • Financial disclosure statements
  15. The investigation produced a preponderance of evidence to substantiate the allegation of an act which was determined to be misconduct.
  16. Not Sustained
    the investigation failed to produce a preponderance of evidence to either prove or disprove the allegations
  17. The allegation concerned an act by an agency employee which did not occur
  18. Exonerated
    The allegation in fact did occur, but the actions of the agency employee were legal, justified, proper, and in conformance with agency policy and procedure
  19. Completed Internal Affairs investigations shall be forwarded?
    The Assistant Chief of the subject employee’s bureau prior to the Chief of Police
  20. When the investigation results in a determination of not sustained, unfounded, or exonerated, the member will be notified by who?
    The Internal Affairs Unit
  21. When the investigation results in a determination of sustained, the member will be informed by?
    the Chief of Police or his designee
  22. All letters of reprimand will be authored by?
    the Internal Affairs Major or his/her designee for signature and issuance by the appropriate manager.
  23. What should be included in letters of suspension/dismissal composed by Internal Affairs?
    The letter shall indicate the effective date and reason for the suspension/dismissal and signed by the Chief of Police
  24. A written statement of the status of fringe and retirement benefits to the dismissed employee is indicated for what reason?
    When an investigation of misconduct results in dismissal
  25. All complaints received against employees of the Department shall be purged in accordance with
    Florida State records retention schedules GS 1 and GS 2.
  26. Who will investigate for the City Attorneya  defense of civil litigation instituted against the City and/or members of the Police Department resulting from police action
    The Internal Affairs Unit will coordinate, along with Risk Management
  27. Who does the Major of IA assist in coordinating disciplinary review boards
    the Labor Relations Office
  28. Absent any extenuating circumstances, an internal investigation shall be completed within how many days
    180 days
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Internal Affairs Responsibility/Complaints
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