Names the Sides

  1. Farmhouse Platter
    potato salad & corn
  2. From the Range
    choice of two sides
  3. Sandwiches & Burgers
    choice of fries, farmers, chips, or a crop side
  4. Roasted Spatchcock Chicken
    whipped potatoes & green beans
  5. Chicken Milanese
    lemon arugula salad
  6. Chicken & Spinach Enchiladas
    street corn; topped with avocado salad
  7. Chicken and Waffles
    mac n cheese & green beans
  8. Shore Style Crab Feast
    corn, cucumber salad, + hush puppies
  9. Simple Style
    green beans & honey scotch carrots
  10. Meuniére
    green beans, seared gnocchi
  11. Mushroom Almond Crusted
    brussel sprouts & whipped potatoes
  12. Glazed Plant Salmon
    broccolini & mashed potatoes
  13. Crab Cakes
    french fries & sautéed spinach
  14. Crispy Shrimp
    cornbread wedge, slaw, fries
  15. Fish & Chips
    white beer
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Names the Sides
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