1. scientific method
    based on observation and the testing of our assumptions -- hypotheses -- against the evidence in the real world -- empiricism
  2. tenacity
    accounts for many of he beliefs we have held to be true
  3. Methods of establishing truth that were employed before the development of the scientific method
    intuition, authority, tenacity
  4. authority
    when we can no longer find agreement about our beliefs; rely on experts whom we consider more competent and credible than ourselves.
  5. intuition
    based on our personal values, early socialization or common sense.
  6. independent variable
  7. dependent variable
  8. induction
    620 involves observing the world and developing explanation of regularities; start from reality and try to build theory

    720 specific to general

    607 uses specific instances to arrive at general conclusions
  9. deduction
    607 general applied to specific (logic, rationalism)

    720 based on theory

    • 620 start from theory and try to explain phenomena (deductive); involves comparing
    • theoretical expectation with what actually goes on in the world.
  10. conative
    Our BEHAVIOR toward thingsThe realm of motivesMessages stimulate or direct desires
  11. theoretical statements
    • 1. If-then statement
    • 2. Is more likely to statement
    • 3. Greater the X, greater the Y statement
    • 4. Leads to statement
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