1. Skillet Corn Bread (3)
    buttermilk cornmeal batter, sour cream, sweet corn kernels

    Allergens:  dairy, gluten
  2. Breads, Chips, Crisps
    fried russet potato chips, homemade cheddar crisps, house made ciabatta bread; served w/ french onion dip, green goddess dip, pimento cheese dip, and romesco

    Allergens: dairy, nuts, gluten
  3. Table Biscuits
    flour buttermilk biscuits served with salted honey butter

    Allergens: dairy, gluten
  4. Glazed Bacon Lollies
    applewood smoked bacon coated in cinnamon and brown, skewered & roasted

    Allergens: pork
  5. Whirly Pop Kettle Corn
    kettle corn, sugar, coconut/canola oil blend; topped with salt

    Allergens: na
  6. Brett B's Spiced BBQ Nuts
    peanuts, golden raisins, BBQ spice

    Allergens: peanuts
  7. Pickled Vegetables
    seasonal vegetables; pickled in sugar, pineapple juice, vinegar, jalapeño, garlic
  8. Devil-ish Eggs: Classic (4)
    hard boiled egg, mayo, sour cream, celery, chives 

    Allergens: egg, dairy
  9. Devil-ish Eggs: Seafood Combo
    2 lobster salad (lobster claw meat, louie dressing, parsley)

    2 crab salad (lump crab meat, louie dressing, old bay)

    2 smoked salmon (mixed w/egg salad and topped with capers)

    2 classic

    Allergens: selfish, dairy, egg
  10. Garlic Black Pepper Wings
    12-14 chicken wings- half drum sticks/half flat wings marinated in soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, brown sugar, honey, garlic, black pepper; oven roasted then flash fried and tossed in honey-soy glaze and topped with raw garlic and chives. served with lime wedge

    Allergens: fluten, soy, garlic
  11. Fried Green Tomatoes
    4 green in seasoned flour, tempura batter, cornmeal, and panic mix; fried and served with goat cheese herb spread and green goddess dip

    Allergens: egg, dairy, gluten
  12. Blue Cheese Bacon Dates
    4 dates stuffed with blue cheese, cream cheese, bacon, and chives; wrapped with bacon and baked, drizzled with balsamic reduction 

    Allergens: dairy, pork
  13. Spicy Sausage PEI Mussels
    • Prince Edward Island
    • mussels; shallots, garlic, white wine, chicken stock, andouille sausage, butter, pesto (basil, almond, garlic, parmesan); served w/ grilled ciabatta bread

    Allergens: dairy, shellfish, gluten, garlic, pork, nuts
  14. Baby Cheeseburgers
    2 oz. each ground beef patties; louie dressing, tartar sauce, Tillamook cheddar, pickle relish, minced white onion, cooked medium; served on mini brioche buns with fries

    Allergens: dairy, gluten, onion
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