1. Act 2 scene 5
    Fred: Into battle eh General.
    General: detail Graham, detail. that's the secret of total victory.
    Men entre with Lilli
  2. Lilli: they are making me play at the point of a gun. They won't let me leave the building.
    Fred: Are you referring to two of the most promising graduates of the Group Theatre?  These gentlemen have dedicated their lives to Truth and Beauty.
  3. 2: Beauty. Lilli: And you're in cahoots with them. General: Lilli,dearest, I think this little joke of yours is beginning to wear thin. Lilli: Can't you see they're gangsters.
    I guess it shows.
  4. Fred: What can one say to libel?
    Should I say something?
  5. Fred: No!....Lilli: But they have guns.  general: I should hope so. The right to bear arms is enshrined in our Constitution. Lilli: But they're waving them around. I could get killed. General: dearest: guns don't kill people.
    Both: We do.
  6. ....General: Lilli fancy foreign headwear. That's not what America expects to see on top of a future first lady. Fred: Why thou sayest true. It is a paltry cap. I love thee in that thou lik'st not. Man 2: Tis lewd and filfy.
    Be gone, take it hence.
  7. ...... general exits: Fred He who knows better how to tame a shrew. Now let him speak
    Fred, both: Tis charity to show.

    • Blackout.
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