Orchestration Chapter 1-4

  1. Order of instruments on standard orchestral score.
    Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion, harp, violin, viola, cello, double bass
  2. The four instrumental groups in the orchestra
    Woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings
  3. Open strings on violin; practical range; clefs used
    G3, D4, A4, E5; G3-B5; treble
  4. Open strings on viola; practical range; clefs used
    C3, G3, D4, A4; C3-C6; alto, treble
  5. Open strings on cello; practical range; clefs used
    C2, G2, D3, A3; C2-C5; bass, tenor, treble
  6. Open strings on bass; practical range; clefs used
    E1, A1, D2, G2; E1-A3; bass
  7. Name the parts of the violin from top to bottom
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    Scroll, peg, nut, neck, fingerboard, bridge, tailpiece, f-hole, chin rest, end pin
  8. Name the parts of the bow from top to bottom
    tip, bow hairs, frog
  9. Fingerings and notes of 1st position violin
    G/D string
    A/E string
    • G/D string
    • 1st finger 0-3
    • 2nd finger 3-5
    • 3rd finger 4-6
    • 4th finger 6-8

    • A/E string
    • 1st finger 0-3
    • 2nd finger 2-4
    • 3rd finger 4-6
    • 4th finger 6-8
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