2292 Midterm (2/7)

  1. Conducting Research
    • Don't ever just type the prompt into the search engine
    • Google only shows the US perspective
  2. Why does Wikipedia come up first
    It compiles information from multiple sources and is one of the most commonly selected
  3. How to get the other country's perspective?
    • You can use internet country codes.
    • Google also has operators. The operator site will put us in a different location
  4. WolframAlpha
    • Is a knowledge engine
    • It will automatically compare two things for you and give you charts comparing them
    • Also, it will tell you the sources of where it got the information
  5. Strategy
    • The pattern of decisions in a company that determines and reveals its objectives, purposes, or goals
    • Produces the principal policies and plans for achieving those goals, and defines the range of business the company is to pursue
  6. Opportunities
    • Summarizes favorable trends and developments in the external environment which may lead to higher sales or profits or which may open doors to new business opportunities
    • Firms can take advantage of these to move the business forward
    • External Analysis
  7. Threats
    • Summarizes unfavorable trends and developments in the external environment which threaten sales or profit or preclude the firm from pursuing new business opportunities
    • It can change strategies to avoid the negative effects of them
    • External Analysis
  8. Strengths
    • Describe the unique resources or circumstances that can be used to take advantage of opportunities
    • Strong brands have good quality
    • Internal Analysis
  9. Weaknesses
    • Core competencies and company capabilities that are inferior to the competition
    • Firms should strive to improve their capabilities in areas that are important to and valuable to their customers and in areas in which they face a significant disadvantage
    • Internal Analysis
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2292 Midterm (2/7)