US Constitution The Constitution Explained - vocabulary

  1. Preamble
    introduction to the constitution
  2. union
    act of joining together
  3. justice
    fair treatment
  4. tranquillity
  5. welfare
    well-being; good condition
  6. liberty
  7. posterity
    whose who are born after us
  8. register
    place name on list of qualified voters
  9. congressional district
    section of a state that is represented by one member of the House of Representatives
  10. census
    count of the people in any given place - city, county, state, nation, world
  11. direct tax
    a personal tax
  12. apportion
  13. vacancy
    a public office not held by anyone
  14. presiding officer
    chairman; person who conducts a meeting
  15. caucus
    meeting of leaders of a political party held for some special purpose
  16. impeachment
    act of accusing a public official of wrongdoing
  17. expire
    to end
  18. appoint
    name to take office
  19. session
    time spent in a meeting
  20. quorum
    number of members that must be present to carry on business
  21. penalty
  22. proceedings
    manner of performing duties
  23. compensation
    payment for goods or services
  24. privilege
    special right
  25. immunity
    protection against
  26. treason
    making war against your country or helping the enemy
  27. felony
    a serious crime
  28. pocket veto
    president's act of allowing a time limit to run out on a bill after Congress has adjourned
  29. sustain
  30. slander
    damaging statement made about someone
  31. lay
    raise; collect
  32. impost
    tax on imports
  33. excise
    tax on the manufacture, sale or use of goods within a country
  34. naturalization
    the act of becoming a citizen of a country
  35. bankruptcy
    the act of turning over all one's holdings to those he owes to be legally free from debt, though his holdings are not equal in value to his debts
  36. appropriation
    amount set aside for a special purpose
  37. elastic clause
    power given to Congress to make laws to see that its other powers are carried out
  38. writ of Habeas Corpus
    legal paper stating the right of a jailed person to be released if proper charges cannot be brought against him
  39. bill of attainder
    a law that punishes a single individual and denies him the right to a trial
  40. ex post facto law
    law making a crime of an act done before the time of making the law
  41. title of nobility
    mark of rank raising a person above other citizens and sometimes above the law
  42. emolument
    payment for service
  43. compact
    agreement; contract
  44. Elector
    person elected by the people of a state to cast a vote for president or VP
  45. Succession
    follow in proper order
  46. affirm
    promise on one's honor
  47. reprieve
    order to delay or suspend the carrying out of a court sentence
  48. commission
    give official recognition
  49. jurisdiction
    power to try the case
  50. appellate jurisdiction
    the power to re-try a case
  51. equity case
    case concerning asking for court action to prevent a wrong or end a wrong being done
  52. corruption of blood
    the belief that "bad blood" of a criminal flows in the veins of all his family members
  53. forfeiture
    loss of property as payment for a wrongdoing
  54. claims
    demands made against
  55. attested
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US Constitution The Constitution Explained - vocabulary
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