lecture 6

  1. moral exclusion
    the process by which stigmatized groups are placedĀ "outside the boundary in which moral values, rules, and considerations of fairness apply"
  2. Haslam's theoretical perspectives on dehumanization
    • 1) dehumanized groups are placed beyond the boundaries of moral consideration
    • 2) dehumanization is an important precondition or consequence of violenceĀ 
    • 3) dehumanization accompanies extremely negative evaluations
    • 4) dehumanization is conceived as a motivated phenomenon that serves individual, interpersonal, or intergroup functions
  3. infra-humanization
    refers to the tendency to attribute more 'humanness' to one's in-group than to out-groups
  4. what are the neural reigions that correlate with the dimensions of human perception that differentiate dehumanized targets?
    this correlated with activation in parts of the brain implicated in social-cognition
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