Chapter 21 A-C BJU Earth Science

  1. What is environmentalism?
    It is the concern for the protection of the natural environment.
  2. What is climate?
    It is the steady change in the temperature, but not present.
  3. What is latitude?
    The height of any object or thing.
  4. What is a calendar?
    A device or piece of paper that tell us the date, month, and year.
  5. What is an eco-friendly person?
    A person that tells us what we're doing wrong all the time, but never what we're doing right.
  6. What is a season?
    It is a time in the year, where all climate change.
  7. Are polar bears on thin ice?
    pft.... Seriously?
  8. What can removing trash from a stream do?
    It can help keep fish alive and many water creatures.
  9. In the green house gasses product what is the composition?
    It is 95% water vapor, Natural Sources 4.72%, and Human Activities 0.28%.
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Chapter 21 A-C BJU Earth Science
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