The Essentials of Human Communication

  1. Forms, Benefits, and Myths of Human Communication.
    1.1 Identify the forms, benefits, and myths of human communication.
    Human Communication consists of the sending and receiving of verbal and nonverbal messages between two or more people.
  2. Forms of Human Communication
    You`ll accomplish these objectives and acquire these skills as you engage in and master a variety of human communication.
  3. Intrapersonal communication
    is the communication you have with yourself-when you talk with, learn about, and judge yourself.
  4. Interpersonal Communication
    occurs when you interact with a person with whom who have some kind of relationship.
  5. Interviewing
    is a form of interpersonal communication that proceeds by question and answer.
  6. Small-group communication or team communication
    is communication among groups of say, five to ten people and may take place face-to-face or, increasingly, in virtual space.
  7. Public communication
    is communication between a speaker and an audience.
  8. Computer-mediated communication
    is a general term that includes all forms of communication between people that take place through kind of computer, whether it`s on your smartphone or via a standard Internet connection as in social media such as Twitter and Facebook.
  9. Mass communication
    refers to communication from one source to many receivers who may be scattered throughout the world.
  10. Benefits of Studying Human Communication
    Of all the knowledge and skills you have, those concerning communication are among your most important and useful.
  11. Myths about Human Communication
    A good way to begin your study of human communication is to examine just a few of the popular but erroneous beliefs about communication, many of which are contradicted by research and theory.
  12. Communication Models and Concepts
    1.2 Draw a model that includes sources-receivers, messages, context, channel noise, and effects; and define each of these elements.
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