PLC Chapter 5

  1. Mounting structure in which various input/output modules are installed
    IO housing
  2. A protective method of setting an IO card and rack slot to accept a particular card type only
  3. A printed circuit board, typically at the rear of an IO rack, having plug-in bus connectors into which modules are installed
  4. Mane given to IO components that enables the PLC to accept information from connected devices
    input modules
  5. Name given to IO components that enables the PLC to send control information to connected devices
    output modules
  6. The class of IO modules used to interface the PLC to devices that involve ON/OFF type signals
    discrete IO
  7. Class f IO modules that interface the PLC to devices involving continuous current or voltage signals
    analog IO
  8. A class of IO modules that perform special preprocessing functions independent of the CPU
    intelligent IO
  9. IO configurations that involves IO places in the same housing as the CPU or that is limited to placement within a short specified distance from the CPU
    local IO
  10. IO configuration that allows IO housings to be placed at long distances from the CPU
    remote IO
  11. IO module feature that guard the PLC against damage that might be cause by field voltages
  12. Name given to the various modules used to configure local and remote IO interconnections to the CPU
    IO processor modules
  13. IO addressing method in which the addresses n each module are based purely on the exact placement of the module within the IO housing
    fixed-slot addressing
  14. Refers to the one-to-one correspondence between specific memory addresses and the addresses of physical IO terminals
    IO mapping
  15. IO addressing method in which each modules addresses are user-configured, via hardware or software
    variable-slot addressing
  16. The address of the first of one or more consecutive words used to store the IO data of a given module
    starting word address
  17. IO addressing method in which the addresses of each module are based on both the IO housing and a lot in which the module is placed
    rack-based addressing
  18. The means through which physical connection is made between the field devices and the CPU
    input/output systems
  19. System component that converts the main supply voltage to internal DC voltages required by the IO modules
    IO power supply
  20. Term given to any one f several distant locations from the CPU, at which clusters of IO racks are placed
    remote drop
  21. Numbers used in the control program to reference specific input devices, output devices, or memory locations
    IO addresses
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PLC Chapter 5
PLC chapter 5