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  1. Wrenched accent
    forced change in normal accent of a word syllable(s); sometimes used for comic effect
  2. Vehicle
    part of metaphor that embodies the analogy
  3. Verse paragraph
    line grouping of varying length, as distinct from stanzas of equal length; the usual division in blank verse
  4. Verset
    short verse, especially one from a sacred book
  5. Versicle
    little verse or short passage said or sung as part of public worship call and response
  6. Villanelle
    five 3-line stanzas followed by a quatrain and having only two rhymes
  7. Volta
    place where a distinct turn of thought occurs
  8. Tanka
    classic form of Japanese poetry with five unrhymed lines of five, seven, five, seven, and seven syllables to capture the essence of a single event, image, or mood
  9. Tautology
    unnecessary and excessive repetition of same idea in different words in the same sentence
  10. Tenor
    thing being describe in a metaphor; carried by the vehicle
  11. Ternary meter
    consists of three syllables per foot, as in dactylic or anapestic meters; also referred to as triple meters
  12. Terza rima
    consists of tercets, usually in iambic pentameter with a chain or interlocking rhyme scheme; concludes with a separate line added at end of poem
  13. Tetrameter
    verse consisting of four metrical feet
  14. Thesis
    unaccented part of the poetic food
  15. Trimeter
    three metrical feet or three dipodies
  16. Trochee
    metrical foot with a long or accented syllable followed by a short or unaccented syllable
  17. Trope
    intentional, figurative use of a word or expression such as irony, metaphor, or synedoche
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