KY Boilermaker Vocab

  1. boiler or boilers
    a closed vessel in which water under pressure is transformed into steam by applying heat
  2. power boiler
    a boiler in which steam or other vapors are generated at a pressure of more than 15psig. Inspected annually with a 2 month grace period
  3. high pressure, high temperature water boiler
    a boiler that operates at 160 psig or greater or 250 degrees or greater
  4. heating boiler
    a steam or vapor boiler operating at pressures not exceeding 160 psig or temps not exceeding 250
  5. pressure vessel
    a vessel in which the pressure is obtained fro an external source or by the application of heat
  6. executive director
    the executive director of housing buildings and construction
  7. ASME
    American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  8. qualified welder
    a welder or welding machine operator who has passed the tests required by section IX of the ASME code
  9. ANSI
    American National Standards Institute
  10. Approved
    approved by the Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Rules and the executive director of the office or the chief boiler inspector
  11. Chief Boiler Inspector
    the person who supervises the work of the boiler inspections and office staff under the general supervision of the State Fire Marshall
  12. Condemned boiler
    a boiler which has been inspected and found unsafe or disqualified by a qualified inspector who has applied a stamp or marking designating its rejection
  13. existing installation
    systems installed before the enforcement of the KRS 236 or current code
  14. expansion tank
    a pressure vessel, unfired but directly connected to a hot water heating boiler, to absorb or cushion expansion therein
  15. external inspection
    an inspection made when a boiler or pressure vessel is in operation and under pressure
  16. hot water heating boiler
    a nonsteam generating boiler which circulates hot water for heating purposes and operates at pressures not exceeding 160psig and a temperature not exceeding 250 degrees at the outlet of the boiler
  17. hot water supply boiler
    a boiler completely filled with water that furnishes hot water to be used externally at pressures not exceeding 160 psig and temperatures not exceeding 210 degrees
  18. hydrostatic test
    the activity of filling a boiler and associated piping with water and raising the pressure within the system to check for tightness
  19. internal inspection
    an inspection made while the boiler or pressure vessel is not operating and handholes or manways are open
  20. non code boiler or state special
    a boiler or pressure vessel that does not bear the ASME or National Board stamp
  21. pressure piping
    the external boiler and pressure vessel connecting piping including the code piping emanating from the associated boiler or pressure vessel
  22. PSI and PSIG
    PSI=pounds per square inch

    PSIG=pounds per square inch gauge
  23. Special boiler inspector
    any person employed by an insurance company authorized to  insure boilers and pressure vessels in the Commonwealth and who holds a commission as provided for in KRS 236
  24. water heater
    a closed vessel in which water is heated by any source and withdrawn for external use to the system at pressures not exceeding 160psig and temperatures not exceeding 210 degrees
  25. unfired steam boiler
    a vessel or system of vessels intended for operation at a pressure in excess of 15psig for the purpose of producing and controlling an output of thermal energy
  26. major repair
    repairs that affect the strength of a boiler or pressure vessel by cutting or welding on any pressure part
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